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My youngest daughter reached the grand old age of 16 years old a couple of weeks ago and her birthday treat was to go to the pictures (that’s the cinema for you young ones reading this) but due to commitments of one sort or another (all hers not ours) we didn’t end up going until this morning.
Thankfully she wanted to go to the early showing of a film at 11am after having a nice relaxing brunch of course. The brunch place was called Chiquitos which indeed served rather a nice brunch but of course the embarrassing Dad part of me found a rather large sombrero to wear, which is no mean fit in a very quiet restaurant, turning on my best Mexican accent for a few minutes.

Then I got everyone else to wear it that was sat around the table…

Well it amused me for a bit anyway before we filled our bellies and headed over to the rather comfy cinema to watch my daughters choice of film…

That film was of course a romantic comedy which appeals to every woman in my household and was called…hang on I need to ask one on them…Me before you or “The saddest film on the world” I have just been informed.
Look I will be nice here from a girly point of view I am sure it was very very good but from an old dinosaur hairy arsed Dad blokes point of view it was like every other romcom I have ever seen but it was not my birthday so not my choice. The girls were happy, or sad, or happy they were sad who the hell knows but they said they enjoyed themselves up until the early afternoon when we got home.
Before we left I had to pop into the toilet and as is usual there was lots of farting sounds as all of the men present relieved themselves of what they had been holding in during whatever film torture they had been watching.
This got me to wondering whether women do this in their toilet as well? Or do they still hold it all in trying not to explode because others are present? I don’t know why but I just picture women having disgusted looks on their faces if they hear any bottom burps anywhere well apart from the ones in my household that is.

Now then today I have been feeling a bit better physically so I thought I may as well pull the old Discovery down under the car port so I could strip all of the carpets etc out of it’s boot so I could see the extent of the rust on the floor back there.
Turns out it was not as bad as I expected.
Deciding that it may as well be sorted now I had a good go around with the hammer then cut out the worst of the edges.

A quick dig around in the welding box I hastily threw any of the welding bits in I came across before the move a couple of months ago, out came enough metal along with a pair of cutters to shape it to size so the patch up could begin.

You see I may well need this to last another winter because I am going to go all soft and not ride at all if the weather is bad. Secondly I have every intention of having the 110 on the road before winter arrives but you know what happens with the best of intentions from time to time.
A couple of tea breaks later I realised I had been plodding along doing a bit at a time and all of the welding had been sorted.

All this work was happily completed whilst the rain was pouring down underneath my car port I do bloody love having a car port!! Anyway I had a quick stretch testing how much I hurt as well as checking the time then threw caution to the wind getting out what little of the underseal I had left and luckily found in a box a few days ago whilst pottering. Having been exposed to the odd paint brush or two of late I soon had it thrown on both the new metal and old making the whole boot area look a damn site better!

Just the front inner wings to weld up now but I will be doing that over the next couple of weeks as well as fitting a new set of front discs and pads that after finally sorting the wheel bearings out presented themselves as warped…sounds about right eh!

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