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I don’t know where to start really as it’s been a strange few days to say the least. I have been pottering on doing the odd bit on the doors here and there when I have been up to the task but it all came together today rather quicker than I was expecting as these thing seem to have a tendency to do.

First up off of the bat was a trip to see among other things the Physio therapist for my first round of torture from my neck all down the right side to my ankle.
I have no idea how such a petite young girl could inflict soo much pain in such a short amount of time but she managed it! I know it hurts more before it gets better but my word do I hurt this evening! Still nothing broken and I am lucky to have the option of such things and only seven more sessions to go! I’m off to weep quietly in a corner somewhere now…
I did end up thinking “Suck it up Smith” to myself a couple of times although I may well have been close to tears at those points and suck it up I did.

Back to the doors though and I sat looking at them last week and caved in buying the proper anti burst locks along with striker plates then as it was a job that could be done sitting down set to removing the wrong brand new locks that were fitted popping the right ones in as I went along.
The next day saw me fitting the new runners to the drivers side door top but one pane does seem to like to fall out with ease so I need to make a few modifications there before I take it on the road. New mirrors ad door hinges were soon fitted as well and the doors do look well now though even if I do say so myself!

So that was all done a bit of a time over a few days saving me on pain from pushing myself too hard that in itself was quite a feat.

I was awake at the crack of dawn again this morning so had a couple of hours to kill before I set off for my barrage of appointments and the first thing that caught my eye was of course the 110. “Sod it” I thought to myself “I could get one of those doors fitted in a couple of hours” and even if I had not managed it the sun was out so no worry of rain.
I soon had the old Defender door off and the new one lined up to pop into place.

Withe the striker soon fitted into place I managed to get three out of the four hinge bolts lined up before I limped off aching from the exertion of it all to was up for my fun day out.

The replacement door looks really well and to say I am pleased is an understatement!

When I got home a friend soon showed up to deliver yet another new part for the 110’s upgrades…the 200TDI engine! It was like Christmas morning I tell you and he brought along his engine crane to get it out of his Discovery and put into place at the back of my garage until I am ready to fit it! He also had an intercooler frame and old radiator for it all so happy days! The rad will want replacing just to be on the safe side but hey everything is a bonus. Thank you for all of your help today chap you know who you are 😉

As the evening cooled off I decided to tackle the passenger door on the 110 as well because I cannot just sit around feeling sorry for myself when I am hurting and again it all went rather well!
I didn’t push too hard so the final adjustments still need to be made to get as good a fit
as the drivers side but no rush.

So not a bad few days pottering on the 110 with bits all lining up nicely to be sorted on it. I am not going to worry too much about getting all painted etc before the MOT as that can be done as I go along. The focus will be on the actual mechanical components to get sorted properly so the old boy is once again back on the road…

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