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Tomorrow is the Autokana day at Wollaton hall and is a fantastic day out looking at all sorts of old motors in a very green as well as relaxing country manor house setting.
Nottingham Land Rover Club are lucky enough to be a part of this displaying all manner of different types of Landy’s including my old wreck of a Discovery for some reason that escapes me now. If you are going to be there feel free to pop by and say hello.

Seeing as I will be sat on my backside for most of the day with a bit of a relaxing meander around I am quite looking forward to it but this morning when I looked outside the bedroom window I realised what a poor state the poor old motor was in dirt wise.
So the first job of the day was to dig out the power wash so I could give it an easy on me clean from top to bottom.

Then my friend sent me some photos of his Series Land Rover full of slabs that are destined to be put into the old Discovery on it’s rather Swiss cheese boot floor!
Now this had me feeling rather worried because it really is an old wreck and I am only just getting my nerves back together driving but not to be defeated I stood on my driveway deciding on how to make the whole job a little easier. I don’t need to unload the slabs any time soon so they can sit in the motor until I am ready but the weight of it all in one place was still concerning until that was I saw my little trailer sat in the corner of the driveway behind the 110.

A quick wheel change on that along with a number plate fixed on saw it ready to go and carry me a few slabs spreading the weight out from the Discovery boot saving some more holes either appearing or growing larger as I drive home!

I have to say though that the old motor doesn’t look too bad when it has had a good clean up and left to sit in the sunshine…

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