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The problem with sitting around relaxing and trying to heal is that you get to thinking about stuff. Nothing that important but when your 110 project is literally looking at you through the front window you get to imagining what it will finally be like to have it all done and finished, what it will be like when you are driving around the fantastic countryside our little island has to offer looking at hills and dales lakes and riversides.

You may have gathered that the route to take will be the “Overlander” style with this project and with that in mind I decided that the TDI conversion may as well be done while the rebuild is underway but the 300tdi route was gong to involve moving engine mounts around etc so would it not be better to just drop in a 200tdi and be done with it.
A quick look around and I discovered the money that the 200’s were commanding was ludicrous so I begrudgingly put the idea onto the back boiler. Well until an advert popped up from a friend who was selling one complete so a call was made, a deal was done and I will became the proud owner of a replacement engine!

The 110 will be 200tdi powered as he tours the countryside when I finally get him put back together with shiny new parts. On that note I have also been buying up all sorts of brake bits ready for the overhaul until I looked up the price of back plates for a rear Salisbury axle…£100 each!!!!!! Well bugger that! I will look to see if I can repair them and if not I will have to pop a Discovery axle on instead and convert it over to discs at the same time because that is just a ludicrous amount of cash for brake plates!

I have caved in on my mistake of buying the wrong door latches as well. I stood looking at them yesterday morning and thought “It just won’t look right” so I checked to see if I had any savings left at all then wiped myself out by buying the correct anti burst locks and strikers. It will be worth it in the end when it all comes back together and I know I will be happier after I have fitted the doors.

Wifey though has been brilliant along my road to recovery caring for me by constantly checking like a mother hen even down to a little cheer me up present yesterday after, I might add, sending me photos of her and our daughters having a rather nice lunch out.

I mean who would not want a Star Wars Toothbrush???

Superb though and it still makes me smile when I look at it because lets face it all men are just big kids at heart and all women know this.

One other thing I have managed to do whilst being off is convert my neighbour, who has been around doing all sorts of DIY that I was supposed to do this week, to buying a Land Rover.
He wanted a second car to use for fishing trips at the weekends and in bad weather. He asked if I was up to going and having a look at one he found online just to check it over and see if it as worth the money that it was being sold for.
I of course agreed to do this in a limpy hobbling fashion and off we drove to inspect this “N” reg Disco. I was prepared to find a rot box but instead we found a Land Rover nut who owned 4 other Landy’s from an original Series 1 to a new Freelander!

The Discovery had been very very well maintained over the last seven years, had low mileage service history in fact all it really needed was a nicer set of tyres which my friend was going to put on anyway due to the different off road areas that he goes fishing! It was one of those rare finds that should prove to be a great car for a few years to come as all rust has been dealt with as it came up.
I was quite envious!
And then I informed him quietly that if he didn’t buy it I would!
“Should I put an offer in?” my friend asked.
“Leave it to me” I replied and put in a cheeky offer a couple of hundred under the advertised price to which the seller agreed after some thinking on his part.

SO my friend has come under the Land Rover obsession spell and has already been buying extra lights to aid him when packing all of his gear away on the riverside. To say he is happy is an understatement the man has not stopped smiling since he bought it!

A nice new set of All Terrain tyres will be fitted over the weekend and I swear he would sleep in it if his Wife would let him at the moment!
So don’t get knocked off of your motorbike because for a start it hurts like hell and as you get older it takes longer to heal and secondly don’t rest up looking at your Land Rover project because you do not have to move at all to spend all of your savings on it!
I hope Wifey doesn’t read this post or I will be in trouble for spending up!

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