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Well it is nine days since the accident and I thought that most of my hurting would have been over by now but it appears that I was wrong. I am not as young as I used to be and I have also hurt myself more than I realised so the road to recovery will be a bit longer that I expected much to the frustration of my mind that is still convinced that I am in my twenties.

I have to admit to being really apprehensive about getting back onto a bike now and it will be a few weeks before that will even be an option but happily the third parties insurance company has admitted full liability for it all so that is indeed a worry off of my mind. We shall now see what they decide with on the bike, whether it is worth fixing or a right off from the damage. If it goes down the repair route though it will have to come back in perfect condition because it took me a very long time to find it in the first place after rejecting those that were not up to my picky standard!

The 110 has become more of a priority now on the rebuild front as I will need wheels asap so lots of parts are being ordered across the board to get it back onto the road.
As soon as I am back on my feet properly I will be able to crawl around and under it once again rebuilding the brake system from end to end then the fuel system to boot. All of the bushes will be next up for renewal and the doors are nearly finished now so will be the next big change to be done!

So all is not bad, I may still hurt a fair bit but there is a roof over my head food in my belly and I have read every Land rover magazine I own from cover to cover! With the newer ones done I have a big pile of the first ever Land Rover Owners International issues 1 through about 20 that were given to me last week to have a browse through…should keep me occupied for a while!

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