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Seeing as I cant do much of bugger all at the moment my mind turned to what wheel colour I want on the 110. I already have a set of G90’s on standard rims ready to fit but haven’t got around to choosing a colour yet.
I am not even sure if I want to fit the G90’s yet if I am honest I mean I like the look of them but they may be a little harsh for everyday driving so maybe I will end up getting myself another set of wheels with something a little more sympathetic to the road yet.

Cash is tight though I will work with what I have for now but the rims are just sat in undercoat awaiting my final choice. I flicked through some magazines again and had a bit of a play online peering closely on the screen like I had some sort of fetish at other peoples wheel choices.
Still undecided I limped off into the garage just to get some air and whilst loitering around in there with my dog following me around closely keeping an eye on me because she knows I am not at my best and no doubt under orders form the Wife as well, I noticed the can of silver spray among the chaos that still is my garage since our house move so I thought “What the hell” I will pop a quick coat on the knackered tyres and rims that the 110 is sitting on to see what it would look like.

After admitting to myself that I won’t be doing more than five minutes of pottering at a time at the moment without a twenty minute break I was quite pleased with the results!

I really like the way the silver sits on the wheels there so it is decided…silver wheels they will be. The only problem is that was my only can of silver spray but my middle daughter is on route to see me today passing through Nottingham City Center so a quick phone call and picture message of what I want will see her collecting five new cans of poundland specials for me.
I do have a can of lacquer here to top all of the wheels off when painted so happy days another little decision has been made on how my little project will go forward…

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