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OK then this is not a post about me moaning or looking for sympathy it is a post about how you can feel in the after mouth of a bike accident.

Yes I am hurting, really hurting but there is nothing broken so it is all bruising and even though the Consultant warned me the pain would increase over the following days from the accident I thought I was a big strong man so it wouldn’t be that bad.
Oh bugger that it is bad it hurts like hell. If I am a bit girly for admitting that then so be it!
The day after the crash I was quite sore but nothing too bad if I am honest and I thought to myself that if this was it pain wise it was going to be a breeze.
Well that changed by the time I awoke yesterday. The pain was this dull constant all consuming weird pounding (obviously all of the deep bruising really coming out) so I thought a nice warm bath should be on the cards because lets face it a nice long soak makes anyone feel better.
Nope. It was nice at the time but as soon as I got out of it I felt as sick as a pig for hours but I expect this was just a combination of the painkillers bruising etc. Didn’t want to eat, slept for hours on end in fact so much that I thought I would not be able to sleep at night but I was wrong there again as my body decided I was quite wrong and knocked me out for nearly twelve hours straight.

Now I don’t normally sleep a great deal in fact six to seven hours is always more than enough much to Wifey’s annoyance when I wake her up early with a “GOOD MORNING WORLD!!” and a cup of tea, so twelve hours is somewhat out of the norm!

The pain had changed this morning though after my mammoth sleeping session. It is more of a sharp constant now that is more localised to the areas that are damaged and is much more controllable. Thankfully I have not had to pee in my bed again with the much preferred one step at a time old man shuffle taking place up and down the stairs to the toilet instead!

My biggest issue though I want to address head on. The accident has freaked me out a fair bit. It could have been worse of that there is no doubt and I am thankful that it was not after all there are many people out there in the big wide world that are far far worse off than me.
What concerns me is the fact that I am a driver trainer. I teach out the best ways to avoid these sort of situations including advanced instruction on collision avoidance and I do not doubt for one moment that if I did not do this for a living the outcome would have been very different indeed because my warning of what was to come came from me spotting the front wheels of the car changing direction.
I know there was nothing more to be done than what I did but getting back behind the wheel has been freaking me out a little for the past few days.

I need to get back into the saddle as quickly as possible and get riding again just in case I loose the bottle to do it at all. In fact this morning when I hobbled downstairs I saw there were some letters that needed posting so before I took any more of my strong trip you out happy painkillers I grabbed the keys to the Discovery to drive to the post box and back covering a couple of miles.
Once sitting in the Disco I took a deep breath to help ease my apprehension and turned the keys in the ignition.
Literally as soon as the wheels started to turn the dread disappeared and I relaxed straight into the drive with no problems at all as I plodded along even when a tool came rushing out of a side road cutting me up a touch. My training sat true and I had already seen the issue developing so just eased off the gas letting him race away.

Getting back behind the wheel was the best thing I could of done this morning effectively stopping the driving issue becoming bigger in my mind. I still feel a little apprehensive about riding again but that is to be expected I suppose as you are far more exposed but as soon as the opportunity arises and my body lets me I will be riding once again.

I am stubborn hard headed and pretty impatient. I am not the type to sit around doing nothing life is far too short for that so this enforced resting is a new experience for me! Wifey wanted a new kitchen fitting next week we shall see how far we get with that. I am not going to try and run before I can walk because if I put myself back into this forced rest thing again I would be more than a little peeved!

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