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I was a bit selfish this morning I have to admit. After all of the hard work over the last couple of months I decided that seeing as Wifey along with my daughter were out until 5pm I decided that I would head off to a car boot sale to look at buying nothing in particular then go for a bit of a hike around Matlock/Matlock Bath over the tors and through the woods on the hillside.
Along with finding my youngest daughter a possible weekend job I took the time to stop and breath in the high views along with the ever increasing leaves growing well in the woodland.

I love being out and about surrounded in nature it relaxes me as well as letting my mind just…flow.
It always amazes me though that some folks are not quite sure how to dress when out and about. I saw many cracks today mainly in the rocks that make up the Tors but by far the biggest crack I saw today was on a chap in his late twenties who was lying down on his side taking in the majestic views with his girlfriend sat by his side.
Problem was that the view he was giving everyone else behind him was rather less than pleasing. With the crack of his backside hanging out of his trousers somehow sideways that was big enough to park a bike in. Honestly you would have thought his arse ended halfway up his back!
Sadly this was not the only bike park I saw out for the sunshine today in fact I saw another three that I really could of done without I mean how can folk not know that their bums are hanging out? Do they not feel the breeze?
Maybe I am old fashioned because I like to keep my bum covered up but hey I prefer to keep it warm, that and I don’t fancy someone trying to stick a front wheel in it!

Still it didn’t ruin my hike and I was home soon enough to finish off the trimming of driveway matting then popping the Land Rovers back to where they are supposed to live.

I then dug out the filler I had bought earlier in the day to do the odd patch or two on the 110.

I then smiled to myself as I realised I could of offered some unexpected help to those folk that I came across today with a bit of crack filling!

Wifey was then home soon enough putting yet another motor on my freshly laid gravel!

I mean it’s like she thinks it is there for the sole purpose of parking cars on it!
Hopefully just hopefully I will now get a bit of extra time to get stuck into the 110 a bit more over the next few weeks.

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