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As I keep harping on about there is more than a little to do with the new house and this is taking more than most of my time. This leaves not a great deal of time for the 110 but with each job that is done I manage to try and find something small that gets the old Landy a bit closer to being back on the road once more.

My main focus over the last couple of weeks has been to level off the front garden from the unlevel mess that is was to something workable as a driveway. Seeing as the land rovers like to leak a bit of oil gravel seemed to be the best idea especially as I was working with a rather tight budget!

The work was back breaking levelling off the clay based earth but after four or five days after work I was about there including moving around the hardcore that had been dumped down by the last house owners!

I then ordered the gravel and matting needed to make it look a bit nicer (all 6 tons of it) for Saturday delivery so on Friday I got to getting everything ready. The landy’s were fired up and moved onto the existing driveway…

Before long with the help of a neighbour the matting was in place and weighted down ready for the gravel to arrive..,

With that done I set to playing with the 110’s steering box. There is play somewhere in the steering but after adjusting up the box as well as filling it up with oil it made bugger all difference so I suppose the box is either worn or the problem lays elsewhere.

This car port is turning out to be quite handy when the rain sets in as well 🙂
Saturday morning came along soon enough though and the truck turned up bearing the six bags of gravel I needed. Getting it in though took some serious height with the Hi-ab!

Once it was all delivered my neighbour turned up unannounced with a wheel barrow spade and rake in hand offering to give me a couple of hours to get it all sorted. Now this is one of the many many reasons I already love living here on our little cul de sac. It did only take us a couple of hours to get sorted but the beers afterwards took an extra couple as well…

Looks good though!

It could do with another ton or two to top it off but once the edges are all trimmed down I can get the Land Rovers back into place leaving just the top wall to finish off.
So with that done as well as the new bathroom door fitted it has been a bit of a busy day but the house is coming along now in leaps and bounds.
I have ordered some more door parts but still need the bits to fit the locks onto the doors themselves but forgot to head off today to buy them so will have to order them online. I will build up the door windows this week and hopefully fit them onto the 110 next weekend.
As I said before getting there slowly…

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