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Have you noticed a change in the larger DIY and electrical stores of late? Now I do not really frequent these places very often as it tends to mean more work for me that I probably don’t really want to do so it has been a number of years since I last darkened their doorstep. Today though was one of those days I found myself in them buying appliances and paint ready for my weeks “Holiday” refitting our kitchen form top to bottom.
Imagine my surprise when instead of staff consisting of spotty uninterested teenagers I found loads and I mean loads of positive and engaging people all wearing the uniform colours of their store offering help and assistance every couple of minutes or every isle when you started to move around it.
Now this reminded me of American DIY stores and quite frankly is a step up from what us Brits are used to because these good folks are not only happy to help but seem to know what they are talking about to boot! That may just some spiel to sound impressive without them having a clue but hey it made the dreadful experience I was expecting all the more pleasant so everything has a bonus!
Soon enough the bank account had been drained with the products bought to redesign and build our bespoke kitchen so home it was still with plenty of light left in the day.

I stood looking out as the king of my castle trying to convince myself that the Discovery did not need the near front axle and bearings rebuilding but soon gave that up and grabbed my tools out of the garage ready to get set up to start this all too now familiar strip down to begin. One final elongated look around to see if any of my new neighbours would like to stop me for a chat proved fruitless so I began once again in earnest to do this chore for the final time because if this last ditch repair was ineffective I was going to just break the whole thing for parts.

Instead of just replacing the bearings with now better Timkin ones I have decided to throw a bit of money at it and replace the whole lot from the stub axle forward bar the actual disc itself. The strip now being old hat took less than ten minutes in which time the sun decided it was time to come out in force with some heat so I found myself down to my t-shirt enjoying the spring heat on my back.
With the hub off I set to knocking out the bearing races and then cleaning up and refitting the replacement bearings along with yet another new rear seal. So there we were all greased up and ready to fit into place when Wifey came walking up the driveway with two cold water beaded bottles of beer in hand. I bloody well love that woman she seems to know exactly what you are thinking and how the hell I ended up with her or why in Gods name she settled for me I will never know but I am damned glad she did.

After sitting down for a while enjoying the company on this warm late spring afternoon with that cold one hitting just the right spot I figured it was about time I put the poor old Disco back together again. This took next to no time with the usual amounts of grease escaping up my arms and ending everywhere it shouldn’t be in fact it all went so smoothly I sat looking at the whole hub set up wondering if I had missed anything before finally deciding I had not and then popping the wheel back on.

I then drove around for a few miles on the new to me country lanes surrounding the village taking in that multi coloured greenness that comes only in each fresh springtime ushering in the promise of yet another lazy summer. When I got home I then gave the wheel a quick shake by hand and much to my disappointment felt a small amount of play in it. With a sigh I jacked it back up and gave it another test only to find it all solid so I can only presume there is some play in a joint bush or the suspension but I will keep another close eye on it. If it does decide to mess me about again by giving up the ghost I will be throwing my hat in and breaking the damned thing for parts.

Now I did get a nice new toy in the post today which should make the 110 rebuild a bit more cost effective. I got me a brake flaring set! The fact I have no idea how to use it yet will not dampen my enthusiasm though as life is nothing if not a long learning curve. Would it be easier to just buy a set of new pipes for the 110 well yes it would but where would the fun in that be?

Turns out I have a whole weekend to myself next weekend so hopefully I will get the chance to do more than a bit to the 110 then 🙂

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