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Lets start with the doughnuts because yet again folks that would be me, but we will get to that in a bit. You have to love the springtime with the long light evenings and so far apart from the odd couple of days it has for the most part been quite nice warm and dry which makes pottering around outside an absolute pleasure!
With a bit more done on behalf of the house when I got home I decided it best that I should do a bit for the 110 in the early evening sunshine so I dug out the door bits and pieces I have been collecting for it over the last few months.
With them all assembled in one place it was time to take stock on what wanted putting together…

I lay out the smaller bits to make sure I would not end up in my usual stance of having something half together that I cannot let go of whilst trying to figure out how I am going to get twenty feet to my left to pick up a nut I need to stop it all falling apart!

Lets face it these series type doors are not hard to put together you just put the rubber strip on top of the door base then slot the window top through the holes onto the top of the rubber and fit a washer locking washer and the nut onto the threaded bar that now sticks out of the door base…but of anyone could make a mess of it it would be me. Not this time though but I did WD40 the threads up before fitting as they were second hand with a little coating of surface rust.
These doors so far have been cheap and cheerful buying the parts as they came up for sale and not rushing but I have had nothing but time of late luckily for me.
So less than ten minutes after I had started the doors were put together less the glass on one side as I need to buy some new runners for it.

Now back to the doughnut point. Yes yes it is me yet again because I have bought nice shiny new locking and latch mechanisms for the doors and well the locks are in the wrong place…

I don’t have any of the bolt strap things to fit them either and if you look at the pictures the latch is completely different to the doors that are fitted so new striker plates will be needed too.

Hmm these cheap doors keep going up in price you know! Hey ho no rush it will get sorted soon enough.

I have to tackle the Discovery front wheel bearing issue yet again as it came loose over the grand total of 12 miles. Now if I had done this up any tighter the wheel would not have turned at all and after some research the actual cheap bearings could be to blame along with the stub axle being rather worn on some way so rather than mess around any more I have bought everything from the stub axle forward to replace on Sunday morning. If that doesn’t work the problem will obviously be the doughnut that keeps fitting these bits…

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