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It has been a sods law sort of 24 hours if I am honest but I suppose the piper had to be paid for all of this happiness that has come my way of late in the shape of our new home.
This house really has everything I could need and a few hours spent each day on it gets it more and more into the place I can live on for the rest of my days.
The outside and garage electrics are now in place making life far easier without the need for extension cables plugged in through open windows and doors each time I want to do a bit of work on the Land Rovers making Wifey moan about cold breezes.

I have my garage to play with where the bike now lives but the cherry on the cake really is the car port but I am getting ahead of myself here a touch.
I rolled out the bike yesterday in preparation to go to work only to find a rather large screw slap bang in the middle of the now flat rear tyre. Luckily enough for me though I had got the bike out early for some strange reason on the sunny morning that was maybe it was some sort of insight of what was happening away from my eyesight.
So with a sigh I resigned myself to the fact that I was now going to have to grab lunch on the run while I got the puncture repaired.
Another problem as it turned out was that the Discovery was about the throw a wobbly with yet another wheel bearing but hey ho what can you do? I limped the bloody thing all the way to work getting the punctured tyre fixed along the way then I limped it all the way home after work again as well.
You have to love the fact that an old Landy will hold itself together even when it shouldn’t but a little before one am I had both back home again.

So first thing this morning I was up earlier than I should have been not being able to sleep again but with this extra time I jumped onto getting the rear wheel back onto the bike.
This went surprisingly easily with only minimal moaning and grunting from me.
Then it was time to tackle that Discovery wheel bearing but the rain had decided to start to fall at this point but I wanted it sorting this morning so I had back up just in case anything else happened to the bike so what to do?

It was now that I realised that I had a car port that the Disco should sit underneath quite nicely! It really is the simple things that make me smile and I was grinning like a big kid when I started to strip down the offending wheel.

An hour saw it sorted and road worthy once again. Thankfully I had a back up restored until it’s MOT runs out anyway because I think I will then use it as a doner for the 110 rebuilding the 300tdi lump that sits in it now.

When I moved the 110 a few days back it seemed like it was leaning very badly to one side leading me to think that I had fitted the new springs incorrectly but today I fired it up again and drove it up onto the top of the driveway where it is flat. Low and behold it sits flat once again???

Now this is indeed a bit odd so I suppose it must of been the place upon the driveway I had parked it before but I am not complaining because it is now one less job I need to do.
With us now settled into our new home I will be able to grab a few on the 110 with my goal being October to have it running and road legal once more. With that in mind I have ordered new door locks and latches with a view to getting them fitted next week.
This will be a nice big step towards getting it ready for painting.
I think I am going to like it here…

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