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Never again, ever.

I solemnly declare that
I Nicky Smith will never ever move a house using my own hands back or
legs ever again. Don’t get me wrong if I win the lottery I will
happily move home again but I would not be doing a stitch of the
packing lifting or shifting, no that would be left to people I would
pay. In fact I would not even be interested in the unpacking at the
other end either!

It has been a hard long
slog but we are now settled into our new home with everything up and
working for now. The internet went back on-line early yesterday
morning but we were out having a good long walk in Derbyshire with
some friends so getting around to doing any sort of web surfing was
pushed to the back burner until this afternoon. I have to say that I
have not missed the internet at all over the last couple of weeks in
fact being restricted to the limited data I have on my phone as well
as being in a poor signal area has freed me from the sucking in
factor the web sometimes has. In fact the one person I thought would
miss it (the grumpy teenager) did not but Wifey on the other hand was
chomping at the bit to get it all back on-line and up and running to
watch the music videos she so loves on You Tube.

My main chore this week
has been to dig out the front garden well what was left of it to turn
it into a driveway that was not set over three different levels. I
did this the old fashioned way by hand and all of the clay (not soil
because the last owners dug all of that up and head it removed??) was
then wheel barrowed around to the back of the house to make up the
un-level ground back there.

The Land Rovers now
have somewhere to stand and once I get a few more pennies together
the whole area will be gravelled and made to look nice once again.

I had to start and move
the 110 for this chore so it soon came to my attention that it was
listing very badly to one side once again so I think I have handed
springs that I have fitted incorrectly. The target to get it back
onto the road is still the start of October so once I have fitted the
new kitchen I will be taking some time out to get back onto him.
After re concreting the back quarter of the garage floor the bike now has somewhere happy and safe to live in…

The dog seems very
pleased with this new set up as she can now follow me around to her
hearts content annoying me by being in the way where ever she decides
to stop as all dogs seem to do!
The best stop though that I seem to find her in whenever she gets the chance is the passenger seat of the Discovery. Maybe she is trying to tell me something…

You may have noticed a
link I posted up for my Brother and Dad raising money for Macmillan
Cancer support by running the Edinburgh Marathon (Nutters). They are
doing this as we have recently found out that my Uncle has been
diagnosed with terminal cancer and these good folks do a hell of a
lot of good work for those in this situation. Now my Uncle Dale
Pritchard is not one to sit around wallowing in self pity oh no he
has taken it upon himself to write a blog of the whole experience of
his limited time left on this mortal coil and it makes for some
straight forward frank and often amusing talking. If you are on
Facebook just search his name and you will have access to it all and
it is indeed worth a read as he is trying to remove the taboo’s
associated with terminal illness.

So there you go folks
just a brief overview of what has been of late and there will be more
coming up in detail shortly…

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