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Today I booked myself a nice holiday day off of work because you know I just deserve it. The plan was to just do as I damned well pleased just plodding along playing with Land Rovers until I had had my fill. Once that was done I was going to have a big fat steak cooked medium rare served with boiled and buttered Jersey New potatoes along with a nice side salad. The beer was to be cold served in a tall glass that glistened with minute water droplets on it’s outside…what a day it was to be!

So what really happened with my “Holiday” was collecting the Luton Van first thing then loading it to the hit to run over to the new house. After dumping that lot we returned to the rental house to load up my eldest daughters belongings into the van and move her to her new home. I cannot believe how much stuff that kid had managed to pack into a small room and her bloody bed fought me for over an hour to actually come apart before it could be removed from the house!

Once that lot was delivered it was home again to the old house to load up everything out of the back garden and then run that to the new home. I swear to god I will never be moving again after this one.

I did get a chance to actually look at the 110 for a brief time and the parts that I have in the garage ready to fit and I will get around to a bit of selfish Landy time because I want it on the road by my Birthday at the start of October ready for tackling the winter head on.

I have been a little quiet of late due to making the house fit for living in but I will be quiet just a little longer as we lose the internet tomorrow for a week or so but normal service will be then resumed whether you all like it or not!

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