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To say I have a little bit on at the moment is an understatement so as I sat on top of the car port yesterday in the morning sunshine happily picking a couple of decades of mud out of the guttering the last thing I was expecting was a phone call from my eldest daughter especially as she was at work.
Now I get called for one of two things. Either she wants something or her scooter has broken down. This time it was the latter and it went something like this…

“yep that’s me”
“Umm there’s lots of petrol coming out of the bottom of my bike”
“Well you best put something under it to catch it then”
“I HAVE Dad but it’s leaking and it needs fixing”
“Call the RAC then. they will do it”
“I can’t do that Dad”
“Why not?” I asked “I told you to get cover when you got the bike”
“Well it was an extra £20 and I didn’t want to spend that, and I thought “Well I have a Dad” so no need to”
As I took a deep breath to calm myself a touch I knew what was coming next so to pre-empt it I said “I am on top of a roof fixing the house we are moving into in a few days so I can’t drop everything and come over to fix it”
“Dad I am at work and they want the bike recovering home asap as it smells really bad of petrol”
“And you expect me to do what? Chuck it in the back of my car so it can leak petrol all over it?”
“But I don’t know how I am going to get it home Dad”

Now I am a Dad and yes this sort of thing comes with the territory but not at the drop of a hat I am afraid so she had orders to drain the fuel off so I could collect it later in the day. She promised this would be done but after I man handled the bloody thing into the Discovery and drove for a few minutes there was a rather alarming running fuel onto the boot of the car sort of sound so a quick stop to stick another container under it to catch the flow before heading home in quick time.
Turned out to be a quick and easy fix once the panels were stripped off just the fuel line severed by some road debris but after yet a another chat with my daughter about getting breakdown cover after I had fixed it she seems to think I am on standby to do this for free for her.
Wrong I am afraid as lessons need too be learnt here, I am happy to fix the bugger for her to save on bills etc but I am not going to be collecting it for her at the drop of a hat! Maybe a big fat recovery bill would open her eyes? Time will tell!

So I finally got around too emptying all of the sheds and I was surprised at how many Land Rover bits I found in the deepest darkest corners! I was a bit miffed to find a full Land Rover supplied steering arm and track rod ends that I had bought for the 110 “just in case” then went off and bought another set when I needed to replace them!
There were diff, shafts, panels, service kits, hinge set to name but a few things! These are now just stacked up in one place and will be set out in the new shed so I can see exactly what I have got.
I fired up the 110 as it needed moving and it works perfectly well on the off road course that is my new front garden driving up and down the large piles of mud left behind by the last owners after a half hearted attempt to turn it into a proper driveway. It’s now parked up in such a way so we can get the caravan on there as well when the times comes.

I have broken the back of the painting in the new house and I am at the “If I never see another paint brush ever again” stage with it all but it will be superb when it is all sorted.
New door tops have been sourced so all I need now is a set of series style door lock/latches and the new doors can be fitted! I am getting there slowly but surely.

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