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It has been a hell of a week indeed. We have finally bought our own home and the first thing we find is that the toilet sounds like the Space Shuttle launching itself off of the ground each and every time that it flushes. Oh and it leaks, well it did I have managed to sort that bit out for now. There is also a rather large hole dug into the garage floor (no not a handy pit) and the waste pipes out of the bathroom are not connected properly together but these are easy enough things to sort.

So the great redecoration of it has begun and there is more time needed here to do this than I planned but hey ho I suppose I should view it as a challenge.
I have to be perfectly honest here we thought there would be at least one more move for us after this one but I doubt that. I am not as young as I was and my nerves could not take another move I don’t think. My anxiety is high most of the time and I expect that it will stay that way until we have the place sorted so will I move again..nope. I think that this place will have everything that we need for us until we are done.

I had to get the 110 over though and a good friend offered to move it over to the new place for me so at around half past eight this morning there was knock on my door heralding in the start of a busy day.
Driving it off of the driveway then the 20 yards along the road is the furthest I have driven the 110 and it brought a huge smile to my face!
It was soon up and onto the trailer even with the rather alarming play in the steering! Then away it went onto it’s new home.

Soon enough we had arrived so the time had come to have another good drive around in it…

It then was parked up in it’s new home…

Then it was time for a bacon cob and a brew looking out at the best view in town…

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