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It was a hell of a day yesterday running around like a blue arsed fly. Now this was not my intention for the day oh no I intended to just have a slow final potter around the 110 before walking away from it until after the house move but the best laid plans and all that…

My shift pattern is all over the place at the moment so I find myself awake when I should be asleep then vice versa fighting myself to stay awake when all my body wants to do is sleep. Don’t get me started on the food side of things because my body clock is so messed up I don’t really know what to eat when so I find the easiest option is to just go with the flow and that is how I find myself eating Southern fried chicken when it should be cornflakes and then curry at 2am. Be a trainer they said….it will be fun they said…

Hey ho not to worry at least I have a job. The day started well though with me up at the crack of dawn when I should have been sleeping finding the sun already blazing in a deep blue sky. This always makes me feel good inside so happily I hopped into Wifey’s car and headed off to Paddocks in Matlock to pick up a new rear steering arm and track rod ends for the 110. I love the scenery in Derbyshire it takes away all of the worries of the world leaving me happy and relaxed as I drive through it. Not even the knackered old tipper truck that was in front of me for 5 miles driving at a steady 35mph throwing bits of fresh tarmac my way could dent my relaxation.
As I got to Paddocks I was surprised to find no one else queuing for parts so I strolled in got the bits in minutes and headed out again…a rare occurrence there indeed!
I headed back home via Matlock Bath taking in the views of one of my favourite areas and I found myself home again in less than a two hour round trip.

Then the phone rang with my solicitors calling giving me an update on the house purchase and wanting rather a large sum of money for the deposit on it all. So off to the bank in town I headed thinking all I wanted to do was play on my Land Rover then I got stuck in road works traffic queue’s and among the pleasant happy faces of the stressed city office workers.
Finally after parking up I wandered through the crowded throng of shoppers ( I hate crowds of people with a vengeance it puts me on edge) to my bank where with a great deal of nervousness I transferred more or less our life savings over to a solicitor getting charged £20 for the pleasure as well…

That was more than a little unnerving I can tell you.

Then it was the same queues getting back out of the city centre but two hours later I found myself at home once again looking at the 110 with a cup of tea in my hand.
I had already removed the old steering arm with the help of a grinder so all I had to do now was measure up the new one to get the track rod ends in more or less the right place tighten up the clamps and fit the bugger.

The first bit went ok but when I came to slot the track rod ends through the steering arm the would not go all the way through? I admit I was getting a bit tired now with my body deciding that I should be sleeping now after all before going back to work but I lay there under the Land Rover feeling a little dazed and confused to figure out why it would not go on.

A couple of minutes later I realised that I had not removed the protective plastic cups that cover the track rod ends whilst they are in storage…no seriously. I was trying to fit the bloody things with them still on… like I said I was tired and that’s the story I am sticking with ok.

With the covers promptly removed and for some reason I was looking around from underneath the 110 to see if anyone had noticed my school boy error the new steering bar was fitted nicely into place.

After double checking it all over to make sure I had not missed anything else it was with a heavy heart that I packed all of my tools away for the last time before the big move. There will not be the chance now I doubt to do anything else to the 110 before then but if I am honest I have managed to get a lot more done to it than I expected before we head off to our pastures new that will at least give me a car port to work under on it!

It is starting to look good under there though…

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