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You know we are buying a house so every penny has top be watched at the moment but luckily for me I get the odd bit of pocket money thrown my way to play with. This usually goes straight out on bits for the Land Rovers but this month I got myself something a little different…

After a very pleasant lunch out yesterday with Wifey we ended up at Masson Mills just for a look about at stuff we didn’t really want or need. Part of this messing around was trying on new hats ready for next winter. Apparently the one in the picture suits me to a tea I am told…

Deciding against the furry mop on top we ended up downstairs in the toy department which in itself was probably a mistake because I am just a big kid at heart.

Each time we come here I get side tracked by the Train Sets and the Scalectrix. The ten year old that never left my mind goes crackers over these things but each time after some serious longing and contemplating I normally walk away more than a little disappointed. But not this time oh no this time Wifey “made me” buy a train set!
I walked up to the cashier with a big grin on my face and she just smirked back in that knowing sort of way women seem to do as I paid for my new toy.

Not long after we got home I showed my 15 year old daughter and her friend what I had bought and much to my surprise they seemed as excited as me about setting it up.
It didn’t take long to get the track sorted and within minutes of the train starting to move the kids had run off to get my Land Rover collection to add to it…

So with my impulse buy I had also managed to remove two teenagers from the internet for over two hours and didn’t get a looking at my new toy but it was fantastic to see the happy looks on the girls faces.

As they were shoving pulling and towing the Landies around I realised that I needed to get back underneath the 110 to pressure wash off a load of oily gunk off before we moved home and went onto the dreaded water meter.

With this in mind my job to do this morning before the bad weather hit was just that.
I dug out my heavy duty wet weather gear and got set up with the pressure washer ready to get stuck into the gunk…

I mean how are you supposed to get to anything nut & bolt wise under thirty odd years of crap? The pressure washer soon made short work of it though and while I was under there getting covered in gunk and soaked to boot I decided to give the whole of the underside a good wash down in preparation for the final coat of under seal…

Looks a hell of a lot better under there now though! And seeing as I did it now on a concrete driveway instead of a gravel one it was a damned sight easier to clean up as well.
A quick engine fire up to dry it off and charge the battery as well as moving it up and down the drive a touch to keep everything moving freely later and today’s work was done.
All that is left to do before the big house move is buying and fitting the new rear steering arm next week and that folks will be it for a few weeks I would think.

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