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Have you ever really stopped and looked at the folk that jog and keep fit? Most of them are not the young and beautiful because, well they are young and beautiful already.
Do you remember that? being able to eat and drink whatever the hell you wanted then still wake up fit as well as looking good?

Well if you are young and reading this please please enjoy it to the max because one day you will wake up and notice a pot belly appearing then the real work will begin…
The thirty plus group have to work hard to stay in shape and the forty plus folks even harder. This starts to take it’s toll on our bodies but in mind we are all still twenty something so we keep pushing chasing the fountain of youth that seems to have passed us by in a blink of an eye!
But if and when you arrive here can I give a tiny bit of advice. Don’t run around in very cheap partially see through leggings.
As I was on the ground about bumper height a rather large lady passed by jogging to her hearts content which in itself is a good thing but she had a pair of these leggings on so everything was there to be seen.
This leads me to the main question I just have to ask…

Do you ladies prefer to to jog in thongs? This just seems odd to me because surely it must chafe to hell!

Right then onto the 110. I have been working back shifts so have had time during the day to play so with these unexpected extra hours I decided that I should have a stab at fitting the radius arms. There was an axle rebuild on the cards at first but I decided to follow a different path because I was sick of the damned arms looking at me every time I went into the shed.

The off side was first up for no other reason than there was more space on that side on the driveway and I didn’t have to move the motor.
There was plenty of dust and rust so I was expecting a bit of a pig to get the nuts and bolts undone but they played ball from the off all coming undone very easily.

Then I had to remove the track rod end which promptly snapped off of course.

But not to worry soon enough it was all off and ready for the new arm to be fitted.

The new arm slotted straight into place and with very little persuasion from me it all bolted up with no issues at all.
That was it for the day though because work was calling so I popped the wheel back on leaving the nearside for another day.

That day was today because even though I have the pleasure of working just about every bank holiday we have the driver I had in for assessment didn’t get past the first hurdle so instead of a ten hour day it was only a short six hour one.

Surprisingly for a bank holiday the sun was shining in a clear blue sky and I had the rest of the afternoon to play on the 110. The other radius arm was in sight and even though the first arm was a straight forward and easy affair the second was it’s polar opposite.
There was grinding banging a few choice words and lots of prying until the bloody thing finally hit the ground free of the chassis. Not one of the nuts and bolts wanted to come free of their thirty year hold and they fought me the whole way.

Still rough with the smooth eh. Once it was off I could get to the very last bit of welding that needed to be done on the chassis and it was with a big smile on my face that it was finally completed!

No more welding for a while on the 110! Now you would think that the replacement radius arm would just fall back into place as easy as the other but oh no it did not want to do that!
I had to jack it up pry it sideways just to get the bolts into place but we were not finished there. The back rubber had to be trimmed by a couple of millimetres or the nut would not have never gone on it all! It all tightened up no problem though so finally I could stand back and admire my handiwork.

The track rod end on this side is shot as well so that has been taken off and I will refit all new ends and bar on Wednesday because that is the first chance I will get to do it.
Then if time allows I will make a start on that axle rebuild…

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