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I was feeling fed up this morning because I had a large chunk of time before work as I have the pleasure of back shifts this week. The problem with me when I am fed up is that making any sort of decision seems next to impossible. Shall I make a brew? or have some juice? Cheese on toast for lunch or beans on toast?
Sort through the sheds again or have a good look through the 110?

The 110 won out in the end but only because I could not decide what to do with myself so I wandered around to the driveway. I nosed through each of the windows and noticed that I had not yet refitted the front floor pans properly so it was back to the sheds to see if I had the nuts and bolts I needed. Turned out I had a far few kicking around so I set to on the floor pans drilling holes in the new foot wells.

It turned out to be an easy job really and quite enjoyable to boot. Funny how something so simple can make you feel a whole lot better about the progress you are making.
I dug out what was left of my grey oxide primer and gave the floor pans a good coating.

There was literally just enough in the can to do the floors so that has been added to the “Need to buy it” list.

I am getting more and more tempted to strip down the front axles, replace the radius arms and then rebuild them all before we move. I shall keep an eye on the weather and decide as the week goes by.

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