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Can I just say that if you ever end up in a position where you have one or two Land Rovers in really good condition do not make the mistake of selling either one or both of them. Don’t get me wrong here I know hindsight is 20/20 but really folks just fix up any landy you have if it is on a good solid base.

The 110 has stalled because of the upcoming move which is quite frustrating. So I set my sights upon the Discovery boot floor that was looking a little ropey in the odd place so I set to removing the carpet and insulation to inspect the full extent of the problem there.
I wish I hadn’t.
I started by pushing my fingers through the boot floor just about anywhere I wanted to. Then I checked the rear inner wheel arches and quickly wished I hadn’t done that either.

Crawling underneath it I was horrified to find the extent of the “Hidden” welding that I had missed when I bought it on the chassis. There is patch after patch under there I mean the bloody thing must of been a rot box well before I bought it so here we are back again in rusty city.
The front inner wings are held together by the thickest layer of under seal I have ever seen!

So what to do with it. I can repair it again but that will involve a couple of hundred pounds worth of repair panels and home made patches with at least two days worth of work to do it. That is just the boot area not the chassis. The chassis itself is solid enough for now with it’s many patches but that does look like a quilt under there. At best I reckon there is a one more year on the old boy tops before anything more terminal sets in providing can find at least something semi solid to weld to.

With moving house and the amount of work still needed on the 110 I guess that I should get saving for those repair panels…

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