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I’m stuck with the 110 as what to do before we move. I circle it most days in my mind looking in and around wondering what odd job could be completed so it can be ticked off of the long to do list and I am struggling to find much of anything at the moment except spending money that I simply do not have at the moment.

So I found myself once again online looking at what I cannot have when I came across an old vinyl record called “All Aboard!” that was given to me when I was around five or six years old as a Christmas present. Since getting a record player for Christmas I have seen this record from time to time but it turns out that it has become quite rare so the price was always out of my league.
This one though was in my range and with a best offer option so on a whim I sent a cheeky offer through which was instantly accepted!
A few days later it turned up in fantastic and with the most childish of grins on my face I set it to play whilst I settled down onto my comfy chair.

The memory cascade that came from hearing these tunes played in their original format took me back over the decades to childhood to see the house I grew up in listening to it in fantastic detail. The songs themselves though well, they would not make any playlists in today’s world due to the nature of them and the fact that back then there was no political correctness in any form!
The simplicity of it though makes me feel that we were lucky to grow up back then away from the wonders of our modern technology. I am so very glad I did all of my stupid stuff without fearing that the pictures of it all would turn up more or less instantly on social media!

Still it was a nice buy but yet another week had passed with the 110 getting little more done to it so as I stood there looking into the back door wondering “What next?” I noticed the new seats I bought for it. They needed the bolts buying for fitting and securing them so I dug one out and headed off to the iron mongers to see if I could get some to fit.
I guessed at 10mm bolts but the chap at the shop popped out and measured them to confirm this. Eight bolts and the grand sum of £1.20 later and the seats are now set for fitting when the time actually comes around. It makes me wonder how these little places make a profit at all. They do seem to be becoming harder and harder to find now!

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