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Spring is most definitely on its way and today it made it’s presence felt through the blue skies and sunshine that had some warmth to it.
So what better way to start it off than popping off up into Derbyshire to have a good nose around a car boot then after grabbing some sandwiches and a cake hiking up to the top of High Tor so we could sit down enjoying the view whilst we ate…

I cannot wait to move closer to this area so we can explore it fully without the ridiculously long drive to do it. There will be plenty of hiking, cycling as well as canoeing and quite frankly I cannot wait for it!

The thing with all of that fresh air though is you end up quite yawny so we headed home for a relaxing afternoon which for me meant soon standing next to all of the motors deciding on what I could do first.

I changed over a knackered intercooler pipe on the Discovery then it was onto fitting new clips that a friend had dropped off onto the 110’s air filter. That went on easily finally giving the old 2.5 N/A engine it’s air the way it was supposed to. A quick turn of the key and it fired up into life without missing a beat even though it has been standing for quite some time.

Whilst I was stood there looking into the engine bay I was trying to decide if it is possible to move the battery in there to save buggering about modifying the new passenger seat I have lined up so I can remove the base of it to access the current battery box. But where would you mount the battery under the bonnet? It already looks crowded under there so any advice on that would be much appreciated!

After checking over the doors, all three of them, it does indeed seem they will all need extensive work on them so they will have to be replaced. I have the bottoms of the front doors but will need a rear door as well as both door tops…best get bargain hunting again then.

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