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Well what a week. To say it has been busy is an understatement. Work is flat out with lots of retraining of drivers then add to that the fantastic fun that is buying a house well it’s been a real blast of late.
The best thing I have had to prove to my solicitors of late is that I have the deposit for my mortgage. So I went to the bank to get them to copy my account passbook to give that to my solicitor who could then confirm to my bank that I hold that account with them so that the same bank that I bank with can then authorise a mortgage with themselves after the confirmation from my solicitors that the money is in an account that I have with them. Does “Jobs for the Boys” ring a bell for anyone here?
Best to leave them to get on with it all eh!

Meanwhile in the real world I had more than my usual number of chores today because I have been working well into the evenings all week my little tribe had a long list of things they wanted help with when I woke up this morning. But the day had a most definite hint of spring to it when I looked outside so I was determined to try and find some time to do anything I could think of on the 110. Turned out that that was much much later than I expected but I had noticed that the rear salisbury (I think that’s right) was very very rusty so I wanted to grind it all back to see if it was still viable.

When I say very very rusty I really do mean so rusty that I would not of been surprised if I worked my way through to the inside of it by the time I was finished…

I chiselled it off as well as grinding it off and much to my disappointment more and more rust fell away in big chunks. Then it stopped just before I had hit the far side of the axle it felt lie! There were no leaks which surprised me but I had convinced myself that the diff must be empty of oil so I cracked it open for a quick look. What I found was crystal clear oil so someone at some point must have looked after the mechanical side of this old motor even if they did not look after the rest of it very well.
Seeing as the worst of the rust was sorted I took to spraying it all back up into black.

The axle looks ok and probably is good for now but seeing as I have to rebuild all of the rear brake drums including back plates as well as changing all of the bearings at the same time I am left wondering whether or not it would be a better idea to replace the whole thing with a different axle along with disc brakes.

After getting Wifey to fish the rust out of my right eye I realised that I had plenty of daylight left so seeing as I had the tools out what could I do next?
I decided on cutting the rusty bits off of the rear tub capping’s as they bug the hell out of me each time I look at them!

Ideally I could replace these capping’s eventually but I wondered how far back I would have to chase the rust so I could see if something could be fabricated up instead of spending money. The nearside was not too bad but the offside was rotten quite away’s along though.

I am looking forward to get stuck into the mechanical rebuild now but that will have to wait until the house move is done and I am running out of little jobs to do! No swaps were forthcoming so I have been putting some serious thought into what I can do with it as a more long term project. I am leaning towards more of an overlander feel so if and as this has become more long term I suppose I really should go down the TDI route as well.

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