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It was time for the bike to come out of storage. OK I know it’s still cold and damp along with the odd snow shower but I missed the feel of the wind and the fun of the ride so out it has come. It’s taxed insured and back for a bit of fun.
I cleaned it then got it started after an initial bit of a sulk on it’s part as it pulled fresh fuel through. A quick titivate with a dab of paint here and there had it looking well so this morning I hopped on and set off in no particular direction to have a play.

Before I parked it up for the winter it felt like the bike was trying to kill me but after today’s ride I realise now that a big part of it might actually be me. You see today I had a good think about my riding style whilst on it and once I stopped trying to ride it like all of the sports bikes I have owned in the past and started to ride it like the tourer/adventure bike it is, it stopped trying to kill me and cornered very well indeed!
After a good few miles were under my belt I pulled over to stretch my legs and get the blood flowing through my fingers again and took time to have a good look at it once again.

I was home soon enough with the bike tucked up for a few more days sleep and I stood there wondering what to do with the rest of the day between the snow showers.
I had put up the 110 and Disco for a possible swap yesterday but seeing as the offers are not coming in thick and fast of a brand new 110 for my two old knackers I will put the 110 on the back burner just grabbing some work from time to time.

This afternoon was a “Time to time” so I got out a couple of tools and did a little on the back end of it but lets play a game. Can you spot the difference?

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