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I have had some serious
thinking to do this week about life and what is coming up fast upon
the horizon. With a new house move along with renovating it there
will be little time left for rebuilding my Land Rover 110. Now I
don’t really want to sell it so I wont! instead I have come up with
an idea that might be attractive to some so I will just put it out
there to see what you all think.

I am looking for a swap
for my “D” reg 110 and my “R” reg Discovery for a 110 or 90
that is road legal and not a rot box.

The 110 is my project
that has had all of the welding done to it now including a new rear
third chassis, new suspension all round and the bulkhead welded up to
boot. It runs drives and stops but the wings are not bolted on nor
is the front panel. You can see exactly what I have done either on
the Facebook group Just Turned 40 or at
under the section “The 110”

It is still a project
and will want a fair bit of work doing to it but it’s an ex RAF Landy
with four bench seats in the back.

The Discovery is an “R”
reg 300tdi with MOT until August. 196,000 miles on the clock runs
well with no mechanical issues at present. It will require welding
for the next MOT on the inner wings at the front and the boot floor
will want looking at. It has Boost alloys and all of the tyres have
decent tread on them.

I fitted a snorkel last
week that seems to be air tight. You could use this to convert the
110 to a TDI if you were so inclined (I was considering it) once the
rest of it is up to scratch.

Both V5’s are present
and in my name.

I am NOT
looking to sell them seperatley but am looking to swap them both for
a road legal 90 or 110 so I can continue to get to work and back as
well as dragging the caravan around on.

panic if there is no interest as I will patch up the Disco then park
up the 110 under cover for a year or two until I get around to it.

you are interested either message me directly please or email me at

am based in Nottingham.

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