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Sealant. Black sticky as hell gets everywhere but where you want it to be but it does a good job at holding the rust at bay so a necessary evil.
I think I have got most of the main chassis sorted with the stuff but I have left things like the inside of the outriggers where I will be changing bushes over etc for now because it will give a better coating once they are out of the way.

The Discovery, as it turns out, is rather more crispy than I first realised and on closer inspection I need to stop stabbing it with a screwdriver in places that look a bit iffy because they always are! Even the rear cross member is going to need some work now for me to be happy towing anything off of it let alone the state of the front inner wings and boot floor. It’s like the whole sodding thing wants to die! Well tough titty Disco I am moving house and cannot afford to buy anything else so suck it up buttercup you are getting cut up and put back together whether you like it or not.

I had a mate over this morning because his Jeep needed a few patches welding on it’s sill but the forecast was snow so we mackled up a bit of a cover to keep off the worst of the flurries that kept coming along. It was initially two patches but as is always the way that turned into four after chasing the rust through as well as blowing the extra hole or two when welding. It all went surprisingly easily until I had to change over the wire reel and now for some reason the feed is not longer constant but it feeds for about three seconds pauses for a second then rinse and repeat? I cant seem to see anything different with the way I have set it up but who knows.

Now I know Land Rovers and Jeeps are supposed to be mortal enemies but there would be no issues in an outright fight because Jeeps are just bloody tiny!!!!!! I mean look at the picture the poor bugger looks dwarfed!

It’s like the weedy kid at school stuck between a pair of bullies! Saying that it’s a hell of a lot less crispy than the Disco so who am I to take the micky here?

With that done and a sausage cob later (for me the other fella is on a diet which meant I had to eat even more…gutted) my friend was off with his freshly undersealed sill and a warning about the sticky stuff not being set yet and likely to move into his house when he got back.
The snow had buggered off for now as well so I was stood wondering what to do with the rest of my day and I decided that the replacement door bottoms I had bought for the 110 a few months ago needed a little welding tlc so I dug those out and made them whole again in short time even with the welder messing me about. I think it just does not like the reel I have put in it because bugger all I do with it makes any difference at all to the feed.

That done and the dog looking at me with it’s “Why have you not taken me out for a walk yet then?” face on I drove off to a muddy Blidworth woods where within two minutes I was up to my knees in sludge and so was the dog who thought it was bloody great fun.

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