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Wiring. Old tired
brittle wiring. I am sick to death of the sight of the stuff on the
110. The weather broke so I thought I would walk outside wiring
diagram in hand to get the rear lights sorted. That was about as
good as it got for the next couple of hours.

Honestly I checked it
all wired it up and then gave up because now sod all seems to be
working and to top it off I made the mistake of opening up the fuse
cover only to see the mouldy corroded fuzz on all of the fuses as
well as the relays…it is no wonder bugger all works!

Oh well at the damned
thing runs ok at the moment.

The 110 is turning into
a major project now and if I am honest there is going to be
absolutely no rush with it in fact this will probably turn into one
of those “Will it ever get finished” projects especially as we
have the house move coming up as well along with all of the hard
graft that will be needed on that renovation. Still not to worry it
will get done in time so I will buy it a proper cover to help keep
the rust at bay.

After a final manic giggle to myself when yet another wire broke up in my fingers I
turned around to see my neighbour struggling along the pathway with a
box the same size as her along with another heavier package in her
left hand. I went over quickly to help her with these parcels to be
informed they were for me and that the courier had dropped them off
earlier. I don’t know how me or the courier managed to miss each
other maybe I was underneath the 110 muttering madly to myself at the

She then said with a
grin on her face “You are going to miss this Smith parcel drop off
point when you move you know” and she is quite right I will! Maybe
all orders will have to made for delivery on a Saturday morning from
then on saving lots of trips to the local sorting office.

The big box was the
snorkel for the Disco and the heavy one was the new door hinges for
the 110. Either were a welcome distraction from the wiring so what
to do first?

I went with the

I have no plans to make
the Disco into an off road monster but I want it to be ready if I
fancy a play or some nice easy old fart green laning so slowly I am
working my way through it fitting the essentials like diff guards and
snorkels “Just in case”.

Out of the box came all
of the bits and soon the template was in place…

I then marked it all up
double checking it was all where it was supposed to be after nearly
moving the bonnet alarm sensor thing when I did not need to thinking
I was fitting a 200tdi snorkel instead of a 300tdi one. Out came the
drill so no turning back now…

Soon enough using the
drill and a grinder I had holes all over the wing!

I offered it up and
they were out a touch but not enough to cause me any concern so I
removed the plastic inner wheel arch trim (going to need some welding
underneath that lot before the MOT) and on the snorkel went…

It was getting late now
so once it was all tightened up and fastened on the passenger door
pillar I called it a day. The air box and other bits underneath will
be done later this week so at the moment the snorkel is just a fancy
ornament doing bugger all!

I would like to get the
new hinges on the 110 as well so it feels like I am getting somewhere
with it once again who knows I may even give it a lick of undercoat
once the weather warms up a touch.

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