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It has been a busy day today with lots of running around the countryside and the seaside so I am quite amazed that I managed to get anything done at all on the 110.
When we had stopped for an afternoon stroll along the river this afternoon and I noticed that some inconsiderate swine had scraped the rear half on the passenger side of the wife’s car with what looked like quite a thick white bumper.
This sort of thing makes me mad because there is no way you could not have noticed your car doing this as they have even dented the plastic rear bumper a bit as well! Why not just leave a note? I would have been happy for them to pay out themselves rather than going through their insurance if they were worried about premiums!
Still what is done is done so I just left it until we got home to see what I could do with it there.

This is where the problems started. It was supposed to be a quick five minute job of wipe the dust away apply some paint restore polish stuff I have and see if it worked. I am glad to say that it did work removing 95% of the scratches and I am sure a few more coats will see the whole job finished. But the problem now was that it appeared that it was a bit more than just some “Dust” I had wiped away, the whole car was pretty filthy if I am honest apart from this eighteen inch wide by half a car length long bit of a brightly polished section. I could not leave it looking like that it would drive my OCD through the roof!

So I set to getting the washing kit out as well as the jet wash. Wifey’s car soon looked nice clean and shiny again but now the Disco looked like it had taken a mud bath so I got stuck in on that. Twenty minutes later that was all sorted but I made the fatal mistake of looking at the 110. I had already noticed some mould on the bonnet that wanted sorting a few days back but now I was actually paying a bit more attention it would seem there was moss growing out of the windscreen surround as well as the gutter above it.
The jet washer was now aimed at this lot as well as the soapy rags and before I knew it all of the living green algae had been removed leaving me wondering how on earth this stuff manages to grow so damned quickly.
Two hours after I started I had a driveway full of shiny motors again.

I have a new hinge set on order for the 110 so hopefully that should be fitted this week as well as me managing to finally align the front doors up correctly. I have also got to fit a snorkel on the Disco when I get a chance as well as sealing up the airbox under the bonnet. This week will be a busy one indeed and I am very glad the days are drawing out longer now to help fit it all in.
Who said holidays are for lazing around and relaxing?

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