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Wifey and I have a week off together so we are trying to cram as much of what we like to do kid free into it as we can.

As you can see from the video we ended up in Mablethorpe because that’s where she said she wanted to go over the weekend several times but as we were driving in towards it with only a few miles to go she asked “Why are we heading into Mablethorpe? We are supposed to be going to Cleethorpes”

At this point I looked across thinking she was joking but the look on her face soon showed me she was not! After a couple of fits of laughter along with me explaining that Cleethorpes was in the opposite direction to where we were heading we decided that Mablethorpe would do.

This place though! Honestly you could film a horror movie about the end of humanity there without worrying about seeing anyone else! A fish & chip lunch was on the cards but we could not find anywhere open…at all!

Hopefully the place is a hive of activity in the summer but after we walked along a pathway that felt like it turned into muggers alley with high sided dunes on either side and a sharp bend every ten feet it was a lonely place to be indeed on a late February weekday. The beach was pretty damned good though it just went on for miles and miles so if you like walking along a lonely stretch of sand this is the holiday destination for you!

A good day though starting with a bit of time at the seaside followed by lunch in Lincoln which was walked off along the River Trent at Gunthorpe Locke on the way home.
I love time off of work 🙂

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