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A dry if chilly day greeted me as I stepped outside with the dog for our Saturday morning stroll. It didn’t get any warmer as I took down the greenhouse in preparation for our house move that hopefully is not too far away now and this was one of those jobs that usually end up taking more than you expect and with all of that thin glass you don’t want to rush it for fear of nasty cuts or worse.
I have to admit I was well dressed for disaster with thick clothes on plus my babygrow to top of it all so I had no fear of slicing and dicing bits of me I should not be.

It’s been a proper potter day and I soon ended up on the Discovery’s roof to seal up the sunroofs and mid job I looked to my left noticing out of the corner of my eye that both of the 110’s front door windows were slightly open but only at the front top corner of both of them?
Seeing as I was up to my elbows in sealant I had to finish stopping the water running into my Disco like I was driving with all of the doors open first before I could investigate.

So after a further ten minutes of stickiness that seemed to end up everywhere but where I needed it to be those windows got my full attention. I don’t know who wanted to try and get into the 110 but considering if you threw a wet sponge at the door locks they would open for you they could not of had much of an idea of what they were doing.
Both windows had been forced down about 10mm at the fronts only and one of the door hinges had been slightly unscrewed.
I live on a main the main ring road and my neighbours all work different shift patterns so these wannabe thief’s must have been disturbed pretty quickly hence everything still being there. They would have been really disappointed as well because I can guarantee it would not of turned over let alone started and this is still the case.
All these thief’s have done is make me lock the old boy down tight as drum along with leaving sod all in it worth nicking.

The irony is that I had read earlier this morning how Land Rover thief’s are targeting the Derbyshire area at the moment and I thought to myself that that was getting a bit close and thankfully mine was sat nice and safe on my driveway.

Turns out we are not safe in the city in full view of a major road artery either so make sure you lock them down folks.

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