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I did get around to doing a couple of bits today after all much to my own surprise!
First things first though, I need to say a very big thank you to my friend Richard for using his rather large press to sort out getting those bushes into the radius arms I refurbished last week.
You sir are a true gentleman and have saved me hours of messing around trying to do it the hard way round so there is a crate of real ale winging it’s way to you as a token of my appreciation!

They do look well though…

So that’s six sets of bushes sorted out and only all of the rest of them on the 110 to go.
Now in all fairness the back of the Land Rover looks like a bomb has hit it and it was far past time to sort it all out. I am trying to get on top of all of these little jobs that mount up before the move comes on so I set to emptying it all out. putting tools away where they belong as well as having a good sweep out. Then I popped my funky new seats that are going to be comfy for me to stick my ample rump on back in there and covered them all up but not before taking a picture or two first…

I did manage to somehow get both of the head rests stuck in place only just in and I can’t figure out how to move them either forwards or backwards now so I walked away before I got too frustrated and broke the buggers.

I did get to thinking on what I should do on the inside of it and I will be going down the trying to get some comfort in there line. I wont be doing any serious off roading in it so comfort is going to be the key with this one…well as much comfort you can get in a Defender anyway.

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