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It feels like forever since I managed to get some time in on the 110 but seeing as I had sod all to do this morning today was indeed the day to play.

Remember not so long ago I was unsure about rebuilding this? well it brought a smile to my face as I opened up the rear door of it this morning realising I had missed the old boy more than I thought and I was keen to get stuck in…funny how things change.
I had one job in mind that I really wanted completing along with a few other little bits that needed finishing off so a potter around day it was going to be.

First of all I decided it would be best to start the old boy up to warm him through so the battery was hooked up with me thinking that it would be flat as a pancake after this amount of time along with the cold weather we have had this week but it surprised me to hear it fire up straight up away after just a few seconds of preheat. With a little smile on my face I patted the dashboard as a well done to it got out and dug the old axle I had bought a few weeks ago.

Now I had no need for this axle or anything on it but it came up at the right money and because I have to change the bushes in the front radius arms I figured it would be easier to do that to a set that was off of the 110 then it would just be a case of changing them over when it came to it.
But before any of this could happen I had to get them off of that axle. WD40 is your friend you know and the bolts have been getting liberal doses of it over the last couple of weeks so the first side came off quite easily after a some gentle persuasion using two spanners to get the whole bolt moving freely first.

The other side took a little more effort but after a few choice words the second radius arm was free. The next job ahead though was to remove those tired old bushes…

Now I don’t have a bearing press or any press of any kind so I had already had the forethought to trawl the internet to see what would be the easiest way to get these stubborn buggers out so armed with a chisel, screwdriver and hammer I set to work first cleaning the muck from around the bush edges then slotting the screwdriver down between the bush metal rim and the radius arm itself.
A quick few hard whacks and the screwdriver was down the side forcing the old bush in on itself so with another set of whacks with the hammer onto the bush itself it was free and clear.

“This is easy” I thought to myself as the second bush dropped out as easily as the first.

That was where the fun ended.

Could I get the buggers out of the second arm?? Nope they were stuck fast and did not want to play so I had to get a little creative.
By creative I mean brutal. I dug out the metal chisel then set to smashing the damned things down one side with the hammer slipping off of the head of the chisel on a regular basis and whacking my hand. Trying to keep the air clean I hopped around shaking my hand from time to time but those damned bushes were coming out whether they wanted to or not. Sure enough after about ten minutes they were free and the only cost was a throbbing left hand.

I then took them into the paint preparation area (the back garden) and got out the drill with a brush wheel and managed to get the years and years of rust, dirt and old paint off. Then it was time to put the first coat of Hammerite on it and here’s a tip about Hammerite…don’t leave it in a cold shed if you expect to use it as it thickens to the consistency of last weeks Sunday dinner gravy and you end up stirring it for ages to get some warmth into it.

It doesn’t take long to slap some paint around so while I was waiting for that side to dry I went back to the 110 to refit the accelerator pedal properly after it’s foot well re-fit.
There seems to be a shortage of nuts and bolts at the Smith household so the ones I used were a little long but not to worry they were made into short order with the grinder after fitting 😉

That done I ran back around to the painting area (the back garden again) to put a good coat on the next side of the arms. The results look quite good!

When they dried off I could not get the new bushes in for love nor money. I poked sandpapered and scrubbed but all to no avail. Luckily a friend has access to a big press and has agreed to help out after asking “Can you just not do it because you are getting old?” Funny fella he is 😉

Then it was time to play with that mystical realm that is Land Rover electrics. Ever since I replaced the rear cross member and chassis the wiring has just been tucked up out of the way waiting for me to feel brave enough to try and tackle it all because I stupidly took no notice at all as to where it all went when I took it apart.

So I sat there on the driveway like a dumpy little garden gnome cross legged on a piece of cardboard with my multimeter in one hand a hand full of cabling in the other and a perpetually confused look on my face.
I did manage to get the rear side lights working along with the brake lights and the hazards. The hazards work so well that they come on when you try to indicate in any direction so I figured I must have a crossed wire somewhere to match the ones in my head.
My backside was cold by now and I needed to think about returning some sort of feeling to my hands so I called it a day chucking the tools back into the shed and coming inside for a nice cup of tea.

The 110 is coming along nicely now and each job I do seems to be one less off of the list. I am aware that that is obvious but now it feels each step is taking me toward the finishing line which at the moment is getting it a full MOT. There are plenty of plans of what I want to do to the inside and the outside but those are far into the future. Shall it be an overlander? Should it be military? Will it be red or will it be blue? I don’t know yet but I am open to ideas for it all if anyone has any.

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