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Well it has been a tough couple of days dealing with those sad end times that life ultimately throws us all. Now before I write more can I point out this is not an entry to try and gain sympathy in fact it is quite the opposite, it’s about stopping once in a while and taking stock of who as well as what we have in our lives then making a step forward realising how lucky most of us are because I know I am a lucky man indeed.

My Aunt Mollie passed away a couple of weeks ago and yesterday was the day we got to say goodbye. She has been a constant in my life since my earliest memory, not every day or even every month but she always came and went telling wonderful stories of her travels with a kindness in her voice that most folks seem to have lost these days.
I learn’t something I did not know about her at the funeral service though, it was something that should have been at the front of my mind and I should of noticed before but for some strange reason I never did.

You see Mollie never married or had a significant other that I had seen but this never registered until the Vicar mentioned it. It turns out she did fall in love with a handsome young man who was lodging with her Auntie at the start of the war. They were devoted to each other but he was in the RAF and called quickly into service, you can see where this is going I am sure, then killed in action early on in the fighting.
She never again looked at another or even considered marrying as her one true love had been and gone.

Is that not both heart achingly beautiful as well as heart breakingly sad. To be so in love and devoted that even though still very young another love was not going to be on the cards. She was well into her nineties when she died.

Then back to work today where I was expecting a work colleague to be working with me but I noticed he was a little late “Probably just the traffic” I thought. Shortly after I was informed that he had been knocked off of his motorbike on the way in and did I know his next of kin because you see his wife passed away only a few weeks ago after 40 odd years together.
Of course we headed to the hospital to help him out as any decent human would do but how much bad luck can one bloke have?

It hit me yesterday whilst I had some very rare time alone on my long drive in busy traffic back from Oxford just how lucky I am. My kids are all doing well even if a couple of them are still finding their way (I am still looking for mine!) they are healthy happy warm and well fed. I am in the process buying a house that only a year ago I would never of thought I would be able to own it really ticks all of the boxes on what we wanted.
But most of all I have a fantastic Wife that I really do not ever give enough credit to. Quite frankly dear reader I don’t deserve her but for some reason she chose me when she could have had a choice of a lot more than what she settled for. She doesn’t ask for much from me just the odd hug, some time together oh and most of my wages but we can forgive her that as she uses it to run the house with.

So I want to take the chance to say to you all just stop, stop right now stop everything you are doing. Take a deep breath and look around you right now but do it slowly, put the worries to one side and start with thinking about the roof over your head, then the food in your belly and finally the people around that love you. Give them a big hug and be happy that they are part of your life.

Soppy? Yea a bit but life passes so quickly and is over in a heartbeat. Seize as much of it as you can and Wifey when you read this..well, you already know that I love you.

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