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It is not often I am stuck for words on how to explain how a day has gone both in my life and on either of the Land Rovers but this morning I am sitting here struggling with it. The fact that it is Sunday morning and not Saturday evening that I am writing also puts play into how hard it is to get the words down onto the paper.
But I have decided to throw caution to the wind by just writing away and then not reading back over it in order to try to convey what has been going on over the last 24 hours!

It started early with yet another house to view. I liked the look of this place on-line so did Wifey so off we went. The house was spot on, there was a lot of work that has been half done but that’s half less of the work I would have to do and we like the area a great deal anyway as we have been looking over that way. Good sized rooms detached house with a garage car port and enough land to create hard standing/driveways to put the numerous and growing amount of vehicles we seem to have. It’s a dorma bungalow type place at the bottom of a cul-de-sac so nice and quiet and most definitely a place we could grow old in if we wanted to.
I am a big believer in following my gut and we kept the vendor busy for well over an hour going around and around the house checking it over in all the places and ways you need to when looking at a house. My gut told me in a big way this was the house and the price was well within budget leaving us enough a month in our wages to do the place up a bit at a time.
We thanked the vendor and set off into Derbyshire for a walk along the first part of the Monsal Trial then into Bakewell for lunch…

As we parked up at the start of the walk we had been chatting all of the ins and outs of the house we both liked so much so we thought “bugger it!” and called the estate agent with an offer because at the price it was up for we knew it would not be around very long. Of course it was not the full asking price but hey you have to haggle you know it is expected!

With that done we started our walk not expecting to hear much at all for some time.

We were wrong, very wrong. Within 30 minutes my mobile was ringing with the estate agent calling back to say “No the offer is too low” fair enough I thought it was a cheeky offer on a low priced house anyway but before I could say anything the estate agent then said “But she will meet you halfway price wise”
There was only a delay on me responding because I was so surprised! I of course agreed straight away and the house was bought!
To say we were pleased is an understatement as we danced around on the trial like kids whist the sheep looked on at us as if we were mad!

So we are buying a house…our very own once again and Wifey has already planned the next three years work for me on it so I hope it all goes through ok!

When we got back I needed a bit of down time and seeing as I had an hour or so of daylight left I naturally headed off to the 110 to see what I could do to it for a bit whilst I had a ponder over the days events. The first thing that came into sight was the tank guard I had bought, if you remember the 110 did not have one fitted before and in all fairness I had decided not to bother with one at all but this brand new one came up at a price I could not say no to and I thought “why the hell not keep it in good fettle eh!”

It’s only four bolts after all so shouldn’t have taken too long. I was wrong again for the second time in the day (not that unusual if I am honest) it took all of the day light to shape and fit the bloody thing with the bolts going up and down on both ends more times than a hoar’s knickers!

There was some swearing I have to admit that turned into maniacal laughter after a while as I pried pushed pulled and lifted it to get around the mountings it needed to fit on but finally it was all in place with me slowly taking turns to wind all of the nuts up into place.

It looks good though and I am glad I have fitted it as it finishes off the bad end nicely. Yes it is underneath where no one else will see it but I know it’s right under there now 🙂
So yesterday was a big day indeed that we had no idea was coming, as far as we were concerned we were off to take a nose around yet another house that would not be “quite right” and a walk. We ended the day owning (hopefully) a new house and looking around the one we are in realising how much we have to do to get ready for the nightmare of moving it all again.
Hope fully this will the last one for a long long time….

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