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Well they say time passes quickly and here we are already at the end of the second day of work. The only problem with being back at work is that it is dark when I leave then when I come back home again so the 110 naturally takes a back seat.

Before this heinous time had come upon me I managed to get one last set of bits done for the old boy on Sunday in the form of starting to sort his wheels out. They were standard military lots of coats of green grey and sand along with some sort of sticky black thrown in just for fun!

Out came the sanding brush that fits in the end of the drill and I took the worst of the rough edges away gave them a good wipe down then dug out the grey oxide paint.
I have not decided on what colour the final product will be on the 110 yet so these will be left in primer for now until that tough decision is made!

Now the reason I am not sure what colour it will be is because I thought it would just be green again and I had a tin of it in the shed and I had a go with it on one of the wheels thinking that would be another job ticked off of the long long list of things to do.

I was wrong. I painted it and stood back to admire my handy work and instantly I did not like it…at all.

I wondered if it was because it was wet, so I let it dry out. I still did not like it so maybe I am ready for my style on this motor, it will be my own design.
No harm No foul I just dug out the sander again along with the grey oxide and soon enough they all looked the same again, sitting there just waiting for me to decide what colour to go with.

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