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As I have said before my eldest daughter has bought a little 125cc scooter that was registered in 2012 then parked up from new until now. This now has an MOT on it is insured and taxed so this morning I took her to an abandoned car park to give her a riding lesson on it.

I will not name her directly as this may embarrass her but anyone who knows Jade will be pleased to see her progress from today.
She was a little bit nervous with the scooter to begin with but we both approached this like Teacher and student so as not to get the “Daaaaaaaaaaaaad” whine in and for me not to lose my rag with her too quickly as my daughter.
So after a wobbly start she was off riding up and down the car park stopping when asked no problem at all.

Then it came to manoeuvres like the figure of eight driving as well as junctions from both approaches and to both of our surprise she took to these no problem at all!
Two hours we were out there in the car park with Jade stopping for people walking through with their dogs or the in the one case a lost car looking for a long closed down store.

To say I am impressed with her is an understatement so she is booked in for her CBT later this week so fingers crossed. Now I had to ride the scooter to the car park and back and what a tool I felt like! A burly bloke kitted up in all of his protective gear sat atop a tiny bike getting some strange looks from passers by as I was going no faster than 30mph because the bike did not want to hopefully due to the fact the petrol tank is full of old fuel that I did not think to change. I could not get a picture of this thankfully but I did deliver the bike to the CBT company on the way home ready for her to have a go next week and they are going to drain the fuel out and replace it for me.
If you were stuck behind me on the ring road early this afternoon I do apologise!

I have taken a video of her riding it was quite early on in the session and she rumbled me pretty quickly even though I thought I was being pretty sneaky…turns out I would not be a very good spy!

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