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The rain came hard and fast about twenty minutes after I woke up this morning and Wifey asked “What are you going to do all day today then?”

“I will find something” was my reply.

I am not averse to a bit of weather so once I had finished doing a couple of chores around the house I threw the dog into the Disco sent Wifey a text telling I was off to the riverside to which she replied “Only you would not let the weather get in the way of what you want to do” and do you know what she is quite right!

As I drove towards Hoveringham with my daft dog whimpering with barely self controlled excitement in the back I cast my mind back to a conversation I had had with one of my offspring about v-logs or vlogs or some other stupid name they called videos of yourself put up on the internet saying interesting things.

Now being a chap who has many many interesting things to say I thought to myself “I should have a stab at this so once I got out of the Disco with the dog running around the riverside like a loony I set to trying to figure out how to use my phone like a big boy and set it to video (see I still use retro words like video instead of film so I am certainly very interesting in my mind and not a forty something embarrassing Dad at all) and this quickly ended up with me taking a picture of myself looking directly up my own nostrils.

Ha! I had now turned the camera on so I was half way there. Now all I had to do with the rain starting to really hammer down well more sideways really was to turn it to video… This I figured out in ten short minutes and I made a little film clip all of my own…

As you can see the cinematic experience is astounding along with my verbal diarrhoea I mean commentary and the positioning of the microphone so it catches the wind just right obscuring my voice completely!

So at this point I felt like a grown up with hacker like skills it was like watching the old film War Games but condensed to my mobile phone, hmm if only I could time travel back and show off my super modern technology but knowing my luck I would just be arrested then tortured and dissected on suspicion of being an alien.
But such thoughts were short lived as I remembered that these on-line V-log vlog whatever people video’d themselves. This was the start of another five minutes of me trying to figure out how I took that photo of myself and my nostrils earlier again.

Now not to blow my own trumpet or anything I managed to do it whilst walking in the rain and simultaneously not falling into the river but I am bloody sure the old bloke in the second clip is not me because I am young and dashingly handsome and dear people I do not sound like that!

I don’t know who that fella is but we will let him stay for now. The dog then decided that she was no where near smelly wet or muddy enough so she started to jump in and out of the river, a quick bit of fumbling (steady..) and I had the video camera facing the right way around again to capture this priceless moment to bore you all with…

You watched it didn’t you…go on admit it it’s ok I wont tell anyone…as long as you paypal me a fiver a week for the rest of my days that is 😉 Nah don’t worry about it I would have watched it as well.

I really had taken the Discovery and have a picture to prove it…

I bloody love that motor I really do and I have not the foggiest idea why? It was supposed to be a winter car that would be disposed of in a few months but each and every time I drive it it brings a big smile to my face.
Early onset something gone wrong with my head maybe? or the Land Rover bug has got me harder than I thought.

So there you have it av-log vlog thing-ish. Maybe I could do one when I am buggering about under the 110 but I am not sure if I could work all of those fancy touch screen button things in the right order with a welder in my right hand…

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