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As I sat eating my lunch after such a strenuous morning the postman unceremoniously dumped a few parcels through the door. Now this is not unusual as my darling daughters seem to keep Ebay afloat with the junk they buy on there and indeed there were a few packages from far flung countries but just one had my name on it.

Now before Christmas I was looking for a steering wheel cover on-line for the Discovery because the back of the steering wheel itself has not fared well over it’s nearly 200,000 mile life.

Each time I touch it I think of all the other peoples grimy hands that have been on there causing it to wear out so badly, well either wear out or react with…jeez I think I am going to be sick. You may have guessed by now that I am a bit of a germ freak and I needed something to fit on there that covers all of those nasty bugs up, well the package for me in the post today was my nice new steering wheel cover.

I opened the wrapping to find it sat there complete with sewing needle and cotton…hang on needle and cotton?? Right then looks like I am doing a bit of sewing I mean I have been playing with a welder all week so what could go wrong?

I eagerly got to the Disco and offered it up to wrap around the wheel but it was at least 5 inches too short! Now this does not surprise me at all because the only other thing I have bought from another country was a spare wheel cover and this too came up small so why this did not cross my mind when I ordered this I don’t know!
Not to be beaten when I was so close from being away from the nastiness of the steering wheel that has had me wearing gloves when driving it since I have owned it ( I am not that mad honest the Doctor said I was fine) I just cut the cover and decided to sew on what I had for now until I bought something else after pay day.

Well it has been many many years since I have had to sew anything but a button and this soon showed with me getting the cotton tied up in knots, caught on all of the levers it could find and sewing my thumb up with a practically blunt needle…twice.

The finished product though well what a sight to behold it was! No seriously what a sight it was I mean a blindfolded toddler peeling a banana could have done a better job than me!

I am not convinced that it will even stay on but I managed to use all of the thread so fingers crossed for now. Hopefully it will come off quicker than it went on.

Here’s another v-log/vlog I need something to call these thing as well. Feel free to rip me apart because that cover is just well…..

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