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Well it’s Thursday already to all of you normal folk but Saturday for me again! The week has been a bit funny time wise I feel like it’s Thursday/Saturday already! but also it’s only Thursday/Saturday and I have got loads done!

Either way it is what it is, with the winter frosts still holding fast as I woke up at stupid o’clock again to a world of white in fact it was that white this morning I did a double take to make sure it had not actually snowed overnight but thankfully no it’s just freezing. The week so far has been a touch on the fresh side working on the driveway but today we had a bit of wind as well that really cut through you as you lay under the Land Rover.

I am getting ahead of myself here though so lets back track to first thing when the garage collected my daughters 125cc bike to take it away for it’s first MOT. I have not heard from them so far so hopefully all is well there and it will be dropped back off tonight.
There was quite a pile of scrap metal amassed in the back garden so I dragged it all onto the front of the driveway as there are lots of scrap metal folks who drive up and down the ring road so it never hangs around long.

There was just a small pile so I set a little note on it reading “Scrap Metal (not the Land Rovers!) which always seems to attract a bit of attention.

There was going to be a quick trip to Paddock Spares this morning for a few bits so I could get the tank back in place and the 110 running again before tomorrow and the predicted rains that should be coming. I needed to get a pick up pipe thing for the top of the tank (I forget the correct name now), a tank cradle because mine never came with one and I am informed they should really be fitted along with another rear spring base.
No problem I thought to myself just a quick pop there and back again not forgetting the jubilee clips that I needed from Halfords on the way home.

08:45 I left my house for what at worst should have been a 90 minute trip all in…
11:50 I got back onto my driveway.

You may think I stopped for some kind of fun along the way or got distracted by something pretty and exciting but oh no dear reader it was the typical “Nick is out on his own driving so lets send out the “Delay Him and Wind Him Up Squad”
Honestly you could not make it up! As soon as I got into to Derbyshire on lanes with no chance of overtaking for ten miles I came upon a learner bus driver.
Now this in itself is not an issue we all have to learn and start some where, oh no the issue was the fact the bus never went faster than 20 mph STOPPED every time traffic came from the opposite direction and took every corner at approx 4mph…have you ever been to Derbyshire? there is a corner every 30 yards! The instructor needed a slap because there were many places to pull in and let the tailback of of 30 plus cars pass by taking pressure off of the learner themself and the frustration of all of the people behind them away.
You could see the panic on the learners face as he looked in the mirror every 10 seconds the poor bugger! So no where to pass for ten miles and that’s how far it was behind the bus.

Still no problem I enjoyed the scenery then when the time came up I passed the bus quite easily rounded two bends and hit a long line of traffic waiting at temporary lights that let through three cars at a time in either direction. Trying not to lose my cool now I looked again at the rolling hills of frozen white and went over my order list again in my head. My turn to rush through the lights came and soon I was stood at Paddocks service desk all keen to buy the parts I needed and head home, the problem was I was the only person stood at the service desk. I rang the bell and waited, rang it again waiting some more, then I rang it again a bit more insistently and still no one came. After ten minutes of this crap I just rang the bell…constantly. Funnily enough within 20 seconds someone popped their head through the door and asked “Are you being seen to?” to which I replied with my nicest smile “Nope”.

All of the parts showed on-line as in stock so of course I only managed to come away with the pick up pipe thing some nuts and bolts along with the spring plate. Maybe it was payback for sitting on their bell. Never mind I was in no rush for the tank cradle I could just bolt the bugger back into place like it was when I bought it for now.
I had to get back home first so sod going back the way I had come in I was going to go through Matlock & Matlock Bath instead.

Yea, that was a mistake.

To cut a long story short we will just go with multiple road works, temporary road surfaces, several temporary sets of lights, three tractors with trailers and a horse riding school that must have been out on a charity event to see how many horses they could get in a line two wide whilst riding from Matlock to Nottingham.

I nearly forgot to get the jubilee clips but remembered at the last minute!

Right then I was home and hungry now which was not surprising as it was now lunchtime so refuelling was done first then I got the fuel tank out to fit the new part to it.
All 5 screws easily came undone on the old pick up pipe part then it was replaced along with the new gasket and off under the 110 I went. When people ask me next week where I went for my holiday I will reply with “Under my 110” because I know just about every bit under there now!

Soon enough the tank was in place with the fuel pipes attached.

At this point I did wonder to myself whether I had the fuel pipes the correct way around or not so que me chasing the pipework back from the front to check but everything looked good..I think. Once the filler and return was plumbed in I set my attention to the nearside spring seat, this was ok-ish that’s why I had not replaced it at the same time as it’s opposite but then I thought if I am going to do this I may as well do it bang on right.

It took just minutes to undo the shock pop the spring out grind the old bolts off and put it all back together again. I then took away the axle stands the whole chassis has been resting on for weeks and weeks and for the first time since changing all of the suspension for new it sat on all of it’s own rubber….lopsided.

It does not look much in the pictures but there is a definite lean to the near side of an inch or two. It may be the spring or shock but both are new and I fitted it as it should be done with the correct spring on it’s labelled side.

So if anyone has any ideas or if I have done something glaring obviously wrong please feel free to rip the mick out of me but shout up with what it is too please 😉

In all honestly after the type of day it has been I was not surprised or overly bothered either so I popped off to the Petrol station and grabbed six litres of Diesel and chucked it into the 110 to see if I could get it running once again.

I did not prime the pump, I did not bleed the fuel system either because I had taped up the end of each fuel pipe as I removed it from the tank so other than a little bit of air I figured what the hell lets just go for it and fire it up using what was already sat in the lines.

It has been a few weeks since it was last started up so I turned the key to the preheat setting for a good 20 seconds then clicked it forward once more and it fired into life! After a few seconds I increased the revs a bit so that if any air in the system did work it’s way through hopefully it would keep going until the diesel hit home once again self bleeding as it went.

I need not of worried as it ran fine and true with no hiccups and very surprisingly no smoke when cold. There is only clean fuel in there now so maybe the fuel I took out of it was really old…you remember that fuel…I put it in the Discovery…best top that up then eh to thin the old stuff down a bit.

So there I sat happy as a pig in poo until I got out of the drivers door to see a small puddle of diesel on the floor under the bulkhead.

That was soon traced to a small split in the brittle fuel line that must have happened when I was messing around with the tank at the back pulling pipes in all directions as I worked on the chassis. No worries I just taped it up for now which is holding and I will replace all of the fuel lines from front to back before I am done.

It has been a good week on the old boy, all of the major rebuild structural work is now done so the road ahead now lies with the more enjoyable mechanical rebuild bits. I still have to finish under sealing the whole chassis but the rot has been dealt with and the rest will be plain sailing because I now have a good base to build upon.
I bought this 110 thinking it would be a quick “patch it up & play” motor but it would appear that I was very wrong. My heart sank at the thought of another rebuild I did not think I had it in me again so soon but as we have got to know each other I have started to enjoy myself once again. The old boy is growing on me.
What this says about me God only knows but there is no rush to be done with this and it will be done right, it is being rebuilt for me and only me not a sympathetic resto like the last one nope I am thinking of what I want to use it for and what I want to do in it.

So far I have no idea…

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