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My body has caught up! I woke up early around 4:30am needing to pee, which in itself shows the years are marching on because I never used to have to wake up and pee during the night but it is now becoming an all to regular occurrence, then I hopped back into bed thinking there was no way I would be able drop back off but drop off I did not waking until Wifeys alarm jolted me out of a very nice dream involving working in my own very large garage on the 110 at 07:45.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I hopped out of bed made a cup of tea then thought “Bugger this” and hopped back into bed with me brew to watch the news. The news was crap but relaxing with a little internet time in no rush to get up or do anything was just what the Doctor ordered.

But I could not be doing this all day so after a while I was up and about again looking what to do with my day seeing as it was wide open before me. I started by putting the freshly charged battery on the eldest daughters 125 which fired up a treat and then I grabbed my little tin of Hammerite to give the Disco’s nudge bar thing another quick coat of paint as the last one I put on was a bit thin in places showing a little rust through it.

That done I remembered the 110 fuel tank could do with a lick of paint and seeing as I had the kit out now I may as well give that a quick once over before I put it all away.

It looked a lot better once done.

The pick up pipe broke off in a rusty mess when I removed the tank so I have spoken to Paddocks who have one in stock so I will pop over there in the morning to collect that and a couple of other bits I need as well.
Seeing as I was out and loitering on the driveway I decided to sort out the wiring under the chassis for the rear lights.
This started with trying to fish out the rubber from inside the chassis that protected the wiring loom and after a few rather blue minutes I had managed to get it all the way through.

I did not mean to leave it on the wrong side of the chassis in the first place but hey I am human and forgot before I welded the lot up! So once I had it out I could then set it right which took all of thirty seconds with two flat headed screwdrivers.

Then I looked at the wires realising I had taken sod all notice of what went were before I removed them in the first place and thought “bugger this” again and decided to get the dog and go for a walk in the woods. Much to my surprise my daughter even came along for the 3.2 mile stroll which pleased me no end as we had time for a good catch up.

The sunshine was stunning today through the trees and considering I was not going to do much of anything Land Rover wise I managed to get quite a bit done!

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