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It’s getting beyond a bit of a joke now, I am on holiday it is time to relax and do just what the hell I feel like while all of my family are out of the house and this should start every day with me sat in bed with a nice cup of tea watching the news for just a few minutes…ten would do!
But nope my body is on work time and I am wide awake around five laying there staring at the ceiling until six because I refuse to get out of my pit before I would normally start a shift at work!
Oh well if that’s all I have to complain about eh, at least I get to see my youngest every morning before she leaves for school because there is no better start to the day than being mostly ignored by a teenager.

Now my oldest daughter informed me that she was going to buy a motorbike because she has started working full time and would like a bit more freedom and independence than the bus network can currently offer her.

By “she was going to buy” I should of put

“she decided she wanted one and looked at Dad because he was the one who would be looking for it”

Now this did not take me long really just a few days with most of that time letting her sleep on it a bit before she spent her money and changed her mind instantly after buying it leaving me to sell the bike back on again.
This fad will probably only last a few months so I told her to set a budget of £500 and I managed to find a 62 plate Chinese 125cc with 2 miles on the clock…seriously!
A husband had bought it for his Wife who liked the idea of it then rode up and down the road twice, popped it into the garage and promptly left it there for three years.

The battery was shot so they put a new one on and delivered it to my door for the princely sum of £450. It will need an MOT now due to being over three years old but apart from a brake lever switch all seems good so it’s going on Thursday after which my eldest daughter can insure it and I can have the pleasure of teaching her to stay shiny side up.

By the time I got back in this morning from organising that lot it was 10 o’clock, tea time, which I drank while taking the first wheel off of the 110. The order of the day was to weld up the new chassis that was fitted yesterday so out came the correct tools like some big hammers and clamps to shape the metal around the old chassis giving an easier and stronger weld.
It did not take long to jig the offside into place ready for the welder to come into play.

You can see in the picture I also used some old wood to keep the lower part of the chassis flap in place by jacking it up first then gently lowering the jack down with the wood in position. This gave nice tight fit and before I knew it I was merrily welding away after adjusting the feed speed down a touch as it seemed to be flying through at an alarming rate.

I was struggling a little bit here because I got a rusty bit of metal in my right eye yesterday and today it seems a little “gunky” although thankfully there is no metal left in there!
It was soon all nicely welded up into place so just a bit of a grind down saw it bang on as did the messy underseal.

That side done I jumped around to the other and it was more of the same although three people “had” to talk to me while I was under the 110 two being my neighbours and the last being the postman who as it turns out is a bit of a Landy nut and sat himself down on the path for a ten minute chat so if your post as late today it was probably my fault!

It is a nice feeling having the last major welding obstacle behind me now as the rest of the rebuild feels like plain sailing because the rot has been removed.
Now I am not saying am lazy here or anything but after two days of lying underneath the 110 for one reason or another I had had enough. I was feeling tired, not as young as I used to be you know, so I put the tools away and went into the back garden because there was the old chassis just sat waiting with lots of bits that needed to come off.

I set too with it and every nut and every bolt came undone easily, not one of them fought me! I had the whole lot stripped off in less than ten minutes.

I will be keeping the NATO hitch and handles but that drop tow ball is of no use to me. I want to fit a drop plate to the 110 so I can easily change over hitch types without sacrificing ground clearance.

When we were out for dinner with some friends (yes I do have some real ones) over the weekend I was given by one of them a half leather interior out of a Laguna so I could modify the front seats to fit the 110 and drive in some comfort! Now this is a bonus as I wanted to put some different type of seats in it to make driving it over any sort of distance bearable and the fact they are free means I really don’t mind adjusting them to fit 🙂 Thanks again chap if you are reading!
The rear seats will be made into a garage bench seat for drinking cups of tea on. I don’t have a garage yet but it is a must for whatever house we end up buying over the next few months.

Tomorrow will be a proper day off though as I intend on doing just whatever I damned well please be it a walk in Derbyshire or a lazy day stuffing my face full of crap or going out for a bike ride, I will not be working on the 110 or any other mechanical device.
The leg is bruising up nicely from dropping the chassis on it so I doubt I will doing anything too strenuous!
Having said that don’t be surprised if you see another update because I decided to potter doing nothing in particular and ending up working on the 110 again!

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