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Social media can be a fantastic thing with its instant access to lifetimes of information and the fact that you can be anywhere in the world on a webcam seeing places you may well never visit in the real world as well as all of the like minded friends you can make on there. But the other side really saddens me, first thing this morning because as usual I was up before the dawn I was on Facewipe and there were a plethora of hatred posts ranging from hurting animals to hating people.
I am not going to preach from a soap box here but people come on people just live and let live, pass on a smile to folks you see look into different ways of life and cultures before you spin off in a mainstream media frenzy of hatred make informed choices. Chase the fun things in life use your energy to laugh as much as you can because God only knows there are enough tough times in our lives as it is!

Right then enough of that and speaking of tough times I had my yearly visit to the Dentist this morning and I swear that bloke is only a Dentist because it causes folks pain he really is a sadistic bastard! “A quick scrape and polish” damn I thought he was pulling my teeth out by removing my gums first and with no pain relief either!
Now I am a man and as such I do not cry, well in public anyway, but as I was lying in that chair I seriously had to hold myself back from giving the chap a quick slap and by the end of the five minutes of hell I did have water amassing at the corner of my right eye…it was just the bright lights you know!

When I got home I looked at the 110 and knew it was time to tackle the chassis, the weather was good it was not too cold and inside my mind this was turning into a massive hurdle so head down arse up and best be getting on with it!
Now does the back of anyone else’s project Landy look like a bomb has gone off inside of it???

This was the first step of the day because tools seem to be going missing and I am sure most of them were in the rear twilight zone I have been developing…I was right!
That done I dragged out the new 1/3 chassis and its box opened it all up so I could measure where and how much I was going to be cutting off of the old one.

It was at this point I realised that I was getting ahead of myself so I went back into the rear tub and started to try to take the back panel off of both sides in order to access the wiring that needed to be disconnected so the wiring loom could be fed back through the old chassis. This kind of set the mood for the day because the single bolt and phillips head screw that held each panel in place were knackered and unmovable by traditional means.

I looked at the 110 and firmly informed it that I was not going to be playing games with it today and headed out to the shed to get the grinder…that made short work of that problem.

That sorted I laughed at the fact whoever wired up the old trailer socket on it used only yellow wiring, no seriously look I had to take a picture of it because I could not believe it myself!

I could not put it off any more now I had to start on the chassis so I measured up from a few different places and marked up the old one where I thought it would need cutting.

Once it was marked up I put lots of axle stands and a jack in place to catch the hold chassis when I made the cuts then I went off for a cup of tea for 10 minutes. The reason for that was I have been dreading cutting the chassis off because if I buggered it up it means I would need a whole new one and think as hard as I tried I could not find an excuse or reason good enough to explain to Wifey why needed a grand in cash.

When I came back I triple checked my measurements and marking, again, then I checked once more! Nope couldn’t put it off any more everything looked good so I fitted a 1mm cutting disc to my grinder (I hate using the really thin ones I think I am going to end up with a broken one in my face…Jesus I am turning into a worrying old git these days) then set to on the first cut.
All went well and after a few disc changes the rusty old one was off…

Looking at the pictures you can see how rusty it really was and way beyond any sort of proper repair! What I DO NOT recommend is dropping this very heavy rusty piece of crap on your shin when moving it out of the way because it really does smart a touch! At least it took my mind off of my visit to the Dentist!
The chassis underneath looked good and the rear end looked all lost and lonely now its backside had been surgically removed!

The wiring loom took some feeding back through into the new chassis and I re-taped it all up before I did. I also set it so it sits in the middle of the chassis using tension to keep it out of the way when welding.

Now we would see if I had made the right cuts or not as I tried to offer up the new chassis… If you are going to attempt to do this particular type of work on your Land Rover may I suggest getting someone to help you as it is bloody awkward trying to fit a new piece this size by yourself but it was possible using the axle stands and a jack oh and the high lift.

It was tight…I mean really tight to get onto the old chassis but with some gentle persuasion using a sledge hammer it went nearly all the way into place. I did use the nuts and bolts on the tabs at this point as well. I put them all into place which kept the chassis in line and helped by putting some extra tension/force moving the replacement chassis exactly where it was supposed to go.
My measurements were all good much to my now smug satisfaction (I mean it is my why was I worrying??) the whole thing had lined up a treat!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well it was straight forward enough but this process of lining up and banging and bashing took about 45 minutes until I was happy with the end result, after all I hope this will be on here for quite some time.
The back end looks good now though with no more rusty holes…no one likes a rusty hole…

So first job tomorrow is to finish cleaning off the metal then clamp it all up and get the welder out. The reason that none of that was done today was because it was getting darker, colder and I had had enough for one day. The weather looks like it is staying dry until Friday so lots of pottering can be done without having to rush, I don’t rush any more…

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