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Hurrah! It is the first Saturday of many (we are a bit odd in our house when we have a week off everyday is Saturday until the last Sunday…if you understand what I mean) and I was awake bright and early at stupid o’clock because my body thought I had to go to work. Not to worry I am long past fighting myself over trying to sleep more or forcing a lie in when I don’t need them so I hopped out of bed getting a disgruntled muttering form the Wife about it being still dark and headed out for a wash to be met by the dog with the usual “Are we going for a walk then?” face on.
Yes, yes we were because I love the early morning in the city while everyone sleeps but my oh my was it a bit parky this morning it was that nippy I actually put my winter coat and hat on to go for a wander amongst the hard frost that covered everything in a coat of frozen white. I the Land Rovers looked really nice wearing their white coats…

After getting back in with one exhausted dog I woke Wifey up because we were back on the house hunt again first thing with a couple of viewings one of which has become a contender but as you should in such matters we are not in a rush and will sleep on it for a few days as well as looking at the area at different times of day and night.

A cheeky sausage cob whilst we were out saw me in good ste ad when we got home around lunchtime to get started on the sorting the 110 out in the mid winters sunshine.
First though I emptied out the bargain set of Defender 110 G90 wheels I had picked up last night from the Disco so I could use it of the need arose…

A rub down and repaint will see these wheels ready for the 110 when it finally gets around to MOT time after the rebuild.
It was then onto the 110 itself to start the preparation for the rather large chassis repair that is needed this week. First off the fuel tank had to come out so I had to remove the filler and overflow fuel pipes which should be easy enough after all they are only jubilee clips right?


The clips would not budge for love nor money so after five minutes of buggering about I got the grinder out and put short play to them. I was not worried about damaging the pipes themselves because they had turned hard as stone and could do with replacing anyway.
That sorted I undid the easily undid the nuts holding the tank in place at the front and back then tried to remove the tank…

It was when the tank would not come out of place that I realised I had been a bit eager here and had forgotten to remove the fuel pipes along with the electrics for the fuel gauge. I shifted the tank back into place and proceeded to snap off both of the fuel pipes, destroy the earth wire for the fuel gauge and break both the sender wires.
Apart from that it all went swimmingly!

I used the tow bar support arms to support the tank again as I lowered it out of place and they came in handy as an extra pair of hands. The tank itself is in surprisingly good condition but the fuel that came out was full of rust that had to be filtered out of it before I popped the little that was there into the Discovery.

I have rubbed down the cross member ready for sealing up before I fit the new chassis section and refit the tank…

The rear exhaust silencer was in the way and seeing as it was rusty as hell with holes in the pipework I made the job easier for myself with the grinder when it was removed.

It was about now I had had enough of lying on the floor in the cold so I dug out the new chassis section for a look at it and I have to say I am not looking forward to cutting the old chassis away because if I bugger it up I will really bugger it up!
I will measure then remeasure then measure again. At this point I will have a brew along with a bit of a think and then measure it all up again before making the first cut.
Now as usual I will be totally honest when I do it but hopefully it will all be good news when that bit comes around.

The next job will be to disconnect the rear lights and feed the loom back along the chassis a bit so I don’t destroy that when the old part gets cut off!
It is going to be a busy week!

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