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Well Winter has arrived properly the last couple of days with early morning windscreen scraping, driving to work wrapped up like a toddler going out to play in the snow along with the car heaters only just getting warm by the time you pull into your work car park.
The frost looks fantastic normally best appreciated from behind your warm and cosy houses front window with a steaming hot cup of tea in hand.

So what sort of idiot would be happy as hell that he has a week off of work starting right now that he can climb under a rusty 110 to disconnect the whole rear end of a rusty chassis and replace it with a shiny new one? Oh that would be me of course!

Now it is cold and there is even a little snow forecast on Monday to be thrown into the mix just to keep me on my toes but I am determined that over the course of a few days, in short bursts between nipping into the house to thaw out that I will get this back end sorted because it is the last major piece of welding that needs doing to the old boy and in my head the brow of the hill on this resto.

I got home to a rather large parcel waiting for me in brown paper packaging that I did not recall ordering but my name was on it so I opened it eagerly to see what was inside but also having the thought in the back of my mind that you would not have dared opened such a package a few years ago that you were not expecting because it was traditionally from the seedy back street mail order companies that only supplied items to aid personal gratification…most folks now just jump onto the internet for that sort of thing now!

In the parcel were a few of this months copies of “THE LANDY” newspaper and I was amazed to see that they had dedicated just over three full pages to “The Project Has Landed” on this months write up of the book. Now don’t get me wrong here they are publishing the whole book word for word but just taking exerts in a joint promotion type exercise which is fine by me and it genuinely still surprises the hell out of me to see my name and ramblings in print in yet another new place, it will not make me rich in fact it makes just about bugger all but pleases me none the less that it makes a few folks laugh or smile.

Now biggest decision for this evening is what type of alcoholic drink to have and exactly what else I will do next week to please myself because, you see the Wife will be at work along with the kids at school so it is just me and the dog…how will I cope?

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