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Now I am not one to use a modern mobile phone to it’s full potential in fact most of the fanciful things it can do are either genuinely lost on me or I have very little interest in doing whatever it is supposed to do along with the fact that I get very very frustrated with the damned things when my own lack of understanding means they don’t do what I want them to do. So with that in mind you can guess I am not a big fan of any sort of “App” but I have come across one I do like and I even managed to fumble around on the internet with my phone and install it without crashing the mobile or bringing in a virus that would do that for me.
Once installed I even managed to figure out what to do with it and hey presto I have managed to convert photos of all four of the Land Rovers that I have owned into a painting and they do look really good!

I am not going to put all four of them up in this blog but feel free to have a look at the Facewipe group “Just turned 40” to see them all there.

A free day today and against the norm in such days the ground is dry with the sun shining brightly in the sky pushing forth a meagre warmth but lets face it it does not matter if it is cold I always feel better when the sun is out, it just makes me happy to be alive when I am outside on a day like that.

Wifey is feeling rough and wanted to do as little as possible today so there was no guilt of pottering around outside on the Land Rovers instead of being out and about in the countryside on this glorious day.
First stop was Blue the Discovery because his gearbox had sounded a little loud this week which sounds odd but you know what it is like once you have heard certain noises you tend to have an idea of what the issue probably will be and the issue I thought I had here was that there was either very little or very old oil in the gearbox so I drained the lot out after having to worryingly use a breaker bar to get the filler plug undone.

As I thought there was next to bugger all oil in the box and what was there was very old so while it was draining the last few drips out I set to fitting the pair of sump guards I had bought. This is just the first step of what will be a slow process of putting just a few gentle off road/green laning modifications Blue is going to get. Once on all shiny and new they looked good though.

After making sure I had put the drain plug back in I filled up the gearbox with oil getting plenty down the inside of my forearm in the process, I have to say this is one of my least favourite jobs as I tend to end up greasy covered in oil and without a doubt somehow having to managed to ruin the clothes I am wearing under my baby grow!

Then I had to top up the engine oil as I erred on the side of caution when I changed that amount wise so half a litre saw it right and for some reason the coolant expansion tank caught my eye so I took the cap off but the level was good with no signs of anything nasty going on. My gut though told me I was missing something and it took a little while to twig the coolant as completely clear, so just water there with no antifreeze and this became my next job seeing as the weatherman has forecast a pretty cold spell coming up. This did not take long to do in fact it took longer to get the engine up to temperature and the coolant flowing nicely around the block mixing up the antifreeze with the water than anything else.

That done and parked up with me satisfied all was well for the little bit of winter we have coming I looked to the 110 and that off side rear suspension I walked away from a couple of weeks ago as I did not have the parts to hand to seat the new spring. This I had now along with the new securing bar so off with the wheel and out came the old spring and what was left of the rusty plate.

I had to grind away what was left of the old bump stop plate at this point as well so that is something I will have to get around to buying then welding back into place along with a new bump stop itself but the more I look at things on the 110 the more I realise now that I will be stripping back just about everything on it and refurbishing it.

The rusty spring plate and old securing bar along with the nuts and bolts that held it on had to be ground off as there was no way that they were going to be coming off by the traditional methods. Once off I gave the whole area a good dose of Hammerite seeing as it was not going to be accessible until the next time it was all taken apart and who knows how long that could be!

New plate new spring new securing bar all came out of the shed and put into place. There was more room than I thought for doing up the nuts than I thought here which was a pleasant surprise as I thought it was going to be a bit of a pain with my sausage fingers! Once it was all set into place and secured I jacked up the axle seating the top of the spring in the process then fitted a new shock absorber to finish it all off nicely.

Time for a brew as I sat back admiring my handiwork. My thoughts soon wandered to the fact we are house hunting at the moment and I mentally ran through the properties we have seen over the last couple of weeks, there is a clear leader at the moment but it is up in some daft “Modern method of auction” which after reading the small print with it is a load of tosh with no end date and many restrictions against a potential buyer along with lots of added costs that are unnecessary so if we do put an offer in on the house it will be on the condition that we follow the traditional method of house buying or they can keep the place. I am not being grumpy here but I will not be messed about or have the family set their heart on something only to lose out on it at the last minute because no doubt a mysterious bidder will arrive and up the ante…folk must think we just fell out of the tree honestly.

Once I snapped myself out of that daydream I decided to make a start on getting the rear cross member ready to be cut off next week (weather permitting). I chucked WD40 over just about anything that would need to be undone and started with getting all of the nuts and bolts off of the rear tabs that hold onto the rear bulkhead. It didn’t take long really with it all moving quite easily so that after a happy twenty minutes playing twister by myself on the driveway I had them all off.

Turned out that the six middle nuts were welded to the rear of the tub which was a surprise, the rest of the bolts looked in good repair so I grabbed an old food tub used for housing the unlucky bugs that were my Bearded Dragons dinner popped them all in with a liberal dose of WD40 and left to soak and be reused later. This is quite a handy trick for keeping things separated until you need to use them again saving the usual hunt around to the last missing bit that you need when reconstructing.

I sat thinking of what the next job was when I realised that I could not be bothered with it. I was getting cold even though I was sat on cardboard and my enthusiasm was leaving me so rather than force the issue I set to cleaning everything up and putting the tools away. I have been using my new Halfords set and loving the feel of it and again recommend these to anyone that wants a half decent set of spanners and sockets that do not cost the earth for hobby wannabe mechanics like me. There was yet again lots of rusty crap to be swept up that left me wondering if the 110 was actually loosing weight through this rebuild process…

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