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They say age catches up with us all and if we are lucky enough it seems much to my surprise that it does. I started having to wear glasses a few years ago now for driving, then for watching TV or working on computers then I got to have two sets for doing theses things as my sight got just a little more worn out. This is not a problem as such but if I did not put either on in the morning I could usually potter about for hours no problem at all with seeing what I was up to but this morning it turned out it was the first day I could not actually do that either!
Now my mind is telling me that I am not any older than 26 and I will not wear out any more ever but my body seems to be betraying me and if it was either of the Land Rovers I would be ordering a few new parts! Funny really because I am fitter now than I have ever been but the forties aches are starting to appear but I refuse to grow old oh no I will be a big kid until my best before date passes and I move onto whatever lies in store for us all next.

I did not have an early start today,it is Sunday after all, but I was out on the driveway for 9am trying to beat the rain that the radio weather folk said was on it’s way in. Over the weekend I had dug out the old A frame bar that came with Blue the Disco when I bought him and stripped off the cracking plastic covering using a heat gun and wallpaper scraper. This was a bit of a chore but only took about an hour or so keeping my hands warm in the cold before I then gave it a quick coat of Hammered Black Hammerite paint leaving it in the shed to dry over night.The reason I wanted this back on the Disco is so I can do a bit of gentle green laning from time to time and this frame has built in recovery points on it so it saves buggering about having to buy then fit something else…make and mend do and all that!
So this morning I got set up and the old Disco looked a little bare on the front end…

I undid the bumper bolts and offered up the frame, it all but fell into place for the bottom bolts which I slid easily into place then I pushed it up to do the top bolts and it was here the problems started… It should have been an easy four bolt do but nope the frame had been “bumped” at some point and bent back enough that I could not get it with 20mm of the bolt holes I wanted to use. I moved it up and down from side to side I even took the bottom bolts out to see if the top bolts would go into place but no the top of the frame just dug into the bonnet no closer to it’s goal than before.
I took a step back at this point to have a brew and a think but the only option I could see was to drill a couple of new top holes in the brackets so I shoved the drill through the chassis on each side to mark the place the new holes needed to be, took the whole thing off and drilled the new markings through.
This took some doing as it turns out my metal drill bits are pretty tired and need renewing but after lots of noise that I expect my neighbours loved on a Sunday morning the deed was done and the frame fell into place no problem at all!

I stood back to admire my handiwork and liked what I saw there, yes it is a little lower than it should be but none the less it looks well enough and will work perfectly for towing me out of where ever I get stuck!

The rain started then right on queue so tools down packed away along with a quick escape indoors.
You may be wondering why I am doing these few bits to Blue seeing as he was just to be my winter motor that would be sold on again but it has been proved once again that I have possibly the most understanding and best Wife kicking around on this small ball of a planet we live on because when we were chatting about moving house this year last night we somehow got around to talking about how to get the stuff moved again as well as parking spaces that would be needed at the new place when she said “you will need three spaces plus the bike”
To which I replies “I thought we would be selling Blue by then?”
She just smiled a gentle one sided smirk and said “Let’s face it Nick, Blue won’t be going anywhere”
God I love that woman and what I did to deserve her I have no idea but she really lets me play with the big boys toys and keep them too!

Once indoors with another brew in my hand my thoughts turned to the 110. I have a week off coming up in a couple of weeks and I intend to make some serious headway on the old boy then by at least getting the fuel tank out, new rear 1/3 chassis welded into place with the fuel tank treated and put back into place if it is still serviceable and if not I have a plastic Discovery tank stood waiting in the wings to take its place.
A list was needed then of what I need to pick up for this rather large chore and so far it looks like this…

New nuts and bolts to attach the chassis to the body on the rear tabs.
New Nuts and bolts to hold the body to the chassis mounts underneath.
New nuts and bolts for the tow bar and Nato hitch.
Tin of Underseal.
Tins of waxoil for inside the chassis.
Wire brush and Wire brush for drill.
Another roll of welding wire as mine is getting a bit in the low side.

I think that’s about it as I have the grinding discs etc to cut the rotten bit off already in the shed and even as much as I would like too I don’t think I can book the weather to be dry in advance in fact knowing my luck it will probably snow that week!
If it does I ill shovel it out of the way and just crack on as long as I am not fighting a blizzard or torrential rain as this is the last big welding hurdle to overcome and I cannot wait until it is behind me.

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