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Well what a surprise of a weekend this turned out to be! Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing our good friends renew their wedding vows in a cracking little church then we got to catch up with our other good friends all afternoon before a gentle drive back home.
On that drive Wifey asked what my plans were for today as she was off doing some kid Christmas party thing and there was no way she was subjecting the poor little dears to yours truly, so a quick check of the weather forecast showed a good dry day and welding up the 110 immediately popped into my mind.

I started the day being a lazy sod and laying in my pit until half past seven much to the dogs dismay who wanted the usual crack of dawn walk. After pottering around for a bit doing one chore or another the light had come into the morning ( I will be so glad once we get past the shortest day on Tuesday and start heading back towards more light in the mornings again) and I dug out the grinder, welder, sheet metal and some tools to get stuck into the drivers side foot well. This foot well was more of a pain because obviously you have all of the pedals in the way and some or all have to be removed depending on how bad the rot is in there.
A good poke around made the holes as big as they were going to get…

It looked like a Flintstone’s car at this point so out came the grinder and I cut back and back and then back a bit more until I found the good metal after removing the bolts from the accelerator pedal. Luckily there was plenty of good metal before I had to remove either the brake or clutch pedal which pleased me no end and I marked up the new panel trimmed it back into the shape I needed and set to offering it up into place.
It was at this point the singing cyclist came slowly riding by, I could hear this chap from a good distance away before he rode by happy in his own little world with a pair of huge headphones on his noggin singing at the top of his voice oblivious to everyone but the folk singing in his ears whilst simultaneously waving his arms around to the music.
This brought a smile to my face because he seemed so happy and the fact he could ride a bike no handed singing like his life depended on it whilst flinging his upper limbs about, good for him.

Out came the welder now and the two panels merged pretty painlessly without me blowing any holes where they were not supposed to be then soon enough it was done. A quick slap about of underseal saw it rustproofed for a while and I could no longer see the suspension through the floor…

With that done and a quick sausage cob in my belly I wondered what else had to be done whilst the welder was out not including the rear 1/3 chassis of course. I remembered the battery box was pretty awful so went and had a poke around there to see if a whole new box would be necessary or whether it could be welded up for now. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could weld the bugger up so again I set to poking big holes in the battery tray first…

I ended up being able to make a few either end of the tray floor so I measured up the sheet metal and replaced the lot! Halfway through my endeavour the singing cyclist made a return pass still in full gusto but now somehow managing to balance a pair of swollen shopping bags on either handle whilst giving a repeat performance of before…bloody show off.

It didn’t take long to get the ends welded in and sealed up again…

So that is the bulkhead just about done welding wise unless I find something else I have missed and is a big step in the right direction to getting this 110 back onto the road. For me it is a big hurdle over in my head because now the landy is just about as watertight as a landy can be once more and I can start looking at the mechanical side of things a bit more as well. I did wire up the battery again to give the old boy his weekly warm through and true to style the engine fired up in a cloud of smoke first turn of the key.
As good as it is though I am tempted to just get a 300tdi conversion done now I have the Discovery to run about in and whilst it is in bits on the front end, that will give me a bit of extra power better fuel economy and hopefully reliability. We shall see what the funds are like towards the end of the build and make the call then unless a really cheap complete engine turns up of course.

So a great day with loads done but as I looked onto the driveway it seemed there was more rubbish on it than I had ever seen before so I gave it a quick sweep up and my word there was a honking great pile of rusted metal and rusty dust to get into the bin…

I expect that will be it until Christmas and the New Year are done then I can get stuck into the rest of it but family do insist on seeing you at this time of year, so if I don’t get to speak to all of you good folk before then have a great Christmas whatever it is you are doing with it 🙂

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