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I have done bugger all to the 110 over the last week or so which is frustrating as hell but a combination of the weather, Christmas fast approaching as well as hour changes at work for the next few weeks have left me with no daylight hours to play with until what looks like will be the new year. Thankfully I have a week off booked mid January so as long as we don’t have an unexpected cold snap full of snow I can have quite a bit of time to finish off the welding as well as fitting the new rear 1/3 chassis.

Once we get to this point it is all mechanical so hopefully straight forward enough and at least pay day will have come and gone sparing me a few more pennies for whatever parts are desperately needed. As for the Discovery I bought last weekend that seems to run ok, it does not overheat sat in the 7 mile traffic jam to work every morning which is a bonus and the only thing I have had to do so far to it is replace the air filter in it as it was blacker than any filter I have seen before, in fact I am amazed that the poor bugger was able to breathe at all!
There is a tappety noise from the engine not a low down it’s about to die sort of sound more like a constant clicking so that could be anything from tappets out a lift pump to a brake vacuum pump so seeing as it’s not affecting power or getting any worse I will let it develop and become a bit more obvious. I am not chasing noise by throwing money at unneeded parts just yet.

I have been asked to help out onsite shunting for a few weeks whilst we get over our peak period and my God I did not realise just how damned unfit I had become lately! I ache in places I forgot existed on me so it has enticed me to carry on the fitness regime once more when the daily hell at work comes to an end. A friend of mine a couple of years ago changed something in her life for one month every month for a year. Instead of making a long list of new year resolutions that normally end up falling by the wayside smaller more manageable things were done that if the effect was good after a month it became a life change and if not well it went out of the window and either way you moved onto the next challenge for another month.
I will give a real effort myself this year and feel free to join in if you want to or just sit on the sidelines and poke fun if you prefer once and if I fall down with it.

January is quite an easy one for me to choose as I have noticed my chocolate intake going back up to greedy fat bastard levels of late so I will give up sugar for the first month. Not naturally occurring sugar but the manufactured shove it in chocolate and cakes and sweets and pop and more cake and my biggest Achilles heal biscuits.
So that will start on the first of the month and end on the last day of the same month…who’s daft enough to join me?

I would say that every month the 110 will be finished but that would be plain stupid because now I have my tappety Disco to get me to work I can take the time to build him properly, well I have until the Wife makes us buy a house so it best have a garage on it somewhere…

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