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I am turning into a fair weather rider on the motorbike, after my off last winter I cannot be bothered with riding in the cold wet windy weather that’s now making an appearance so I have been quietly looking in the background for another Land Rover to run for the winter months and then sell on again come the springtime. I’m not bothered what it is it can be a Discovery Series whatever but not a freelander because I want to be able to sell it on again easily and I only have a budget of £800 to play with.
First thing this morning we set off to look at an N reg Disco and it ran fine with new tyres but was pretty rusty on the usual places to the extent that I would have had to do a fair few repairs before selling it on again and in all honesty there is already one project on the driveway and I do not want another one! I want a winter car that I can just get in and drive maybe give it a service but that’s it and the bike wants parking up until the warmer weather rolls back in.

A little disappointed we headed home where Wifey then went off to do shopping stuff so I dug out the grinder as well as the welder again to attack the offside door pillar on the 110. Wifey has taken to calling it “Pie” now because “Pukkah” is “boring and they make pies” she says…yes my wife is mental.I set to removing the door and then grinding out what was left of the old pillar…

So with all of that old metal cleaned off I then grabbed the new pillar offered it up into place then tack welded it up after securing it with all manner of clamps so it wouldn’t move…

That done I set to welding it up again properly and it was now that I ran out of wire. Wifey still had the car so I jumped onto the motorbike to shoot down to Machinemart in town who charged me a bloody fortune for some 0.9mm wire then battled the high winds home again. The winds were so strong I was blown onto the wrong side of the road so I thought to myself “There’s another reason for a winter car”. Home once again I finished up my welding after knocking the pillar into shape as I went along and making spot welds were needed as well.

Once it was finished I popped the door hinges back on they really will need replacing on both sides as they move about 5mm on their old pins. Then I put the wing on and to my horror there was a massive gap at the base of the pillar! I wondered how I would cure this whether I would just bolt the wing back on pulling the base over a bit more or taking the pillar back off and starting again. I took two steps back to look at it from a different angle and it was then that I noticed that the front end of the wing was resting on the radiator bracket so I put it into it’s correct place and the gap promptly disappeared.

By now with the days extra excursions to boot I was losing the light so it was time to put the tools away and leave the foot well until the next time I get a couple of spare hours.
When I got indoors I was subjected the yearly ritual of dragging the Christmas tree in and sticking the lights on it. Then dear reader as I wrote this post there was happiness and merriment from my good lady Wife and two of my daughters as they hung the decorations on it making as much noise as possible as they did so!

If you know of a Landy in my budget of £800 with a decent MOT and not a rot box please get in touch via

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